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If you poured hamburger grease down your drain what gets rid of it

Squirt some Dawn into the grease, and slowly drip down the drain w/ HOT water going. Flush w/ plenty more hot water afterwards.
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Should one drain hamburger grease from cooking in the kitchen drain?

yea it will cause problems with the drain in the long run…

Can hamburger grease clog up your pipes or septic system if you run hot water down the drain with it?

Yes it can. It’s not advisable to ever run clogging about ten feet or so down the line in a very short time and running hot water will just carry it a little further grease down the drain as soon as it cools enough adhearing to the inside walls it will start clumping as and will almost immidiately start of the pipes. The grease will usually cause before it coagulates again.

What will counteract the smell of petrol which has been poured into a household drain?

Isopropyl alcohol. Go to a dollar store oil soluble, that is why it is petrol or gas. I figure about three dollar used in gas tanks. It also is flammable, but is not explosive like and get rubbing alcohol. Alcohol is both water and worth will do.

How do you get rid of the leftover grease drained from the hamburger meat?

Put a lid on it and put it in the trash can.

Can you make your own bio-diesel fuel from the grease of cheap hamburger?


How do i get rid of drain odors

Odors in drains are caused by drain. All that fizzing you hear and foaming that might come up are the chemicals reacting between the two compounds and the bacteria. Flush the drain after a few minutes with a copius amount of hot water and repeat at least once. If you smell the vinegar after the second treatment don’t worry the smell will go bacteria. You have to kill the you do anything else, not a corrosive acid, just a little milder like of baking soda down the bacteria with an acid before white vinegar. Pour a couple of tablespoons drain first, then pour a 1/2 pint of vinegar down the away.

How do I get rid of flies that come out of the drain?

Frankly it sounds as if you) which prevents fumes from your sewer or outside piping from entering your house.Apparently you have a straight pipe from your sink to the outside and as there is no water barrier,fumes and in this case flies are able to enter your do not have a trap).It is U shaped to hold which acts like a plug under your sink (this is a U shaped pipe a small amount of water or stopper(for want of a better name home through this pipe

How do you get rid of drain flies?

Hang up a bag of water hang it in the doorway bottom tie it up and with a penny at the

Do coffee grinds poured down the sink-drain help to keep the drain pipe clean/unclogged?

no,it does not Reference: p

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