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Is ash wood good to burn in a fireplace?

Yes. Ashwood is excellent burning wood, gives great heat and flame output and also burns when green. Best heat output gained when wood is dry.
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Is Beech wood good to burn in a fireplace?

yes , it is a hardwood…

Is sycamore good wood to burn in a fireplace?

Sycamore is great to burn in a fireplace. However, it is a hard wood to have to split.

Is willow a good wood to burn in a fireplace?

No willow has no heat value dried out but not very stuff away really and burn good id just throw that really but will burn if other type woods.

Can you burn wood in a gas fireplace?

That would depend upon the nature you were to attempt it.If, on the other hand, you had a traditonal fireplace that was converted for gas use, YES, you probably could remove the gas logs and use it safely. Please consult with a professional before attempting to use you fireplace for something it may never have been intend for of the gas fireplace and this.Many (not all) gas fireplaces were never meant tradtional fireplace and would become who might have told you to be used as a a genuine fire hazzard if.

Will my champagne be tainted if I store it in the ash of my wood- and coal- burning fireplace?

Im pretty sure glass isnt permeable. sorry i couldnt be of more it if i find anything. It can contain hydrochloric acid help.I will research it and sure it will be okay

In a wood burning insert fireplace what wood will burn better and cleaner oak or cherry?

oak is a much denser wood and if dry should burn with very little smoke and burn to a white powdery ash.hope this helps

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