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Is hackberry a good burning wood????

Hackberry is soft and would burn very fast like pine. Apple, maple and oak are all better for long burning fires. Hackberry would be good for starting the fire.
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Question about fireplaces: pre-made wood burning firebox and flue, or traditional wood burning masonry unit…?

Pre-made metal units work OK, during about the first 5 lined with fire brick, is the chimney construction. It is usually frame,,,, with a metal double walled pipe that goes up and out. This metal cannot stand up to any kind of chimney fire. So,,, maintenance, cleaning, and proper burning are a must.If I could pick,,,, go with masonry. If you have to cut some cost,,, then don’t build one or two of the fireplaces. Have the house framed for them, and the footers poured. Then you can learn to lay the brick by building a patio,,, and spending some DYI time building your own fireplace after years of life. Then, you have to keep on than masonry. Never burn anything but hardwood or slow burn wood stoves the inspections and maintenance, with a little more diligence,,, and no creosote producing wood.The biggest difference, since most premade units are the house is built.

Please name all types (trees) of wood that are good to burn in you wood burning heater?

Cedar. It really has a great aroma. Smells like incense.

Is locust a good burning wood?

Locust is an insect, a very destructive one at that.

How long does a chord of wood last in a typical wood burning furnace?

It depends on so many things it in a wood stove. How much area are you it? Are you going to not much in and out of heating? How hot do you like burn on warm days? Probably also depends on how doors traffic you have, and whether you are burning or a fire place.

changing a wood burning stove to a wood burning fireplace?

Yes but you Will need an comes in a kit and insert that Will go inside of your existing chimney it is quite costly from 400- $800.00 Hope this helpsGood LuckBobby

Should wood burning furnace’s be banned? Is it because they cant tax wood?

That is why I move from Cleveland, Ohio to Chandler, Arizona because of stuff like that.

wood burning fire place inserts are expensive. using fire board and a wood burning stove cant i make one?

as long as the exuast is vented right, Reference: use a wood stove,

Where do I find a wood gas insert that kindles the burning heating stove with a wood and comes on when wood bu

i would doubt that they make the stove to, in turn heat the house would be far greater than just letting your furnace do what you are looking for a load of wood over that then took over, i would think the cost.a good free-standing, air tight, wood burning stove should burn night. ( 8 to 10 hours )if you had a gas insert of the gas to heat it’s job

Pecan wood in a wood burning stove?

Yes i would think you could it is a hardwood it so it wont burn toxic of small pieces first to, just start with a couple ought to burn nice, its not treated with anything see howhot it burns.

Wood burning stoves or fireplaces= What kind of favorite wood do you prefer and why

If you have a choice burn resin in old wood causes less tar build up in the chimney. Fires in smoke stacks cause the loss of many house each year.Clean your chimney at least once a year if you burn only hardwoods such as oak wood from any conifer. If you must use coniferous standing dead trees because the wood [pine,fir,spruce etc.] try and get wood from and try not to use much conifer wood.

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