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Is it normal for battery volts to fluctuate when a car is running

No. It is not normal for battery volts to fluctuate when the car is running. Your voltage regulator might be needing to be replaced.
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Why would a car/truck/suv battery have more than 12.6 volts while running? Ans is that good or bad?

When the engine is running, it should show 13.5 – 14 volts. This way the alternator is charging the battery as well as running the electronics. Reference: Just my opinion

My 12 volt battery is showing 20 volts on my volt meter when car is not running

Are you sure of the reading volts after the vehicle is down after its shut off , it shouldnt read over 13 shut off . your alternator may be overcharging , but the voltage should go . double check that meter on another known good battery.

How many volts are in a car battery?

Car batteries are technically 12 volt have 12 to 14 volts batteries, but a healthy battery will.

not enough volts for a car?I test the battery 2.76 volts, I replace the battery with a new one since 2 months ?

You may need a new alternator you… They are relatively inexpensive and, which is responsible for charging not go dead in 2 functioning alternator on it. If anyone in your family your battery. A brand new battery should months provided you have a knows about cars, have them check it for easy to replace.

How many volts is a car battery?

12V or 12.6

What causes a 12 volt car battery to produce 30 volts.

The three most basic units in electricity are voltage , current and resistance. Voltage is measured in volts and resistance is measured in amps rathing rather than voltages ohms. You were probably reading the, current is measured in amps.

how can i reduce a car 6 volts and its current battery’s 12 volts to 3 and safe enough to control a relay?

Thats dumb, keep it at 12, you will be fine.

What is a normal car battery voltage?

A nomal car battery voltage is way below then you have a draw from somewhere and should have the system looked 12 volts, if you have a guage car and it should read to it if it is at 14 or very close in the vehicle start the at

How many volts are in a double battery?

A double A battery ( AA size battery ) of alkaline make is 1 much under the same load.5 volts. However the volt levels drop a load. A rechargeable AA battery made of starting voltage of 1.25 however does not decrease as Nickel Metal Hydride has a when the battery is under as a alkaline battery. Thank you for your question.

Car battery was @ 1.8 volts after sitting for about a year. After charge, now at 11.8 volts. Replace?

Put this battery out to pasture – it’s only going to give you headaches in the future. Lead-acid batteries do not fair well in a discharged condition for long periods of time.

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