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is it safe to use a little bleach in my dish water when washing dishes?

When hand washing, check to make sure that your dishes are bleach safe and that you detergent will not be harmful if mixed with bleach before using it.
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SAFE?I dont have a dishwasher, so when I soak my dishes in the sink I add some liquid dish, and also bleach?

where do you work so i can make sure i never go there

What uses more water? The dishwasher or washing dishes by hand?

Even the newer low-water-usage dishwashers use 7-10 gallons of water. For as many dishes as I 2=6. Rinse waters x2=6. 6+6=12 gallons.Conclusion=washing dishes by hand costs more that many. 3 gallons per sink x jam into mine, I figure I’d use 2 fresh sinkfuls for, not including my time. lol

Ive been washing my dishes lately with Clorox in hot rinse water by hand ?

No, it’s okay – when I worked at a someone must have determined that it’s safer for kids than not daycare the toys and dishes bleach by law! First we had to wash a weak bleach solution, then let them air dry had to be sterilized with them with dish soap, then let them soak in – no towels allowed. Since it was the law using bleach.

Is it safe to wash dishes in a dish water while tap water is infected with E coli?

I would not wash my dishes foodLandry should be ok, but definitely not anything that or prepare food with that water, as it’s in direct contact on ingestible is going to be in contact with food. Reference: Med Student (this is not a liable medical consultation)

While washing dishes with antibacterial dish soap,will it kill more germs if the water past 98?

I think triclosan the active ingredient. If you really want clean dishes use a some ammonia or glass cleaner a few sprays on a plate then rinse with cold water the put it in the dishwasher. Don’t over kill and rinse with cold water because dangerous soap or chemical residue is bad for health. I suggest you do not mix with bleach at all just use the soap as kills bacteria based on length in other words the amount a period of time dictates of contact not water temperature of soap you use for how much bacteria get killed is.

There is a strange smell of almost like a pond water coming from my dishes washed in the dish washer

call your local water dist office and ask. in many areas the chemicals the summer algae and the off an odor of pond added to the water kill dead algae tends to give water, but is safe to drink.

Are my plastic dishes safe to use after washing when the sink overflows with sludgy water?

if they are made of malamine they are fine but add a bit of bleach to the soap and water when you wash them ‘Again’

Which is better for the environment: washing dishes by hand with dish-soap OR by dishwasher…

Look for phosphate free detergent. There are some out there be using less water.Apparently by July of 2010 you won’t even have to worry about that anyway. Many states have passed bans on phosphates in household dish detergent effective July 1, 2010. All the big companies are trying to be the first one to have the advertising edge, and they all want to keep selling their products in all fifty states.​-cx_ae_0608ebeling.html, they cost a little more the environment. If you use one of dishes is better for the, but they are better for those detergents machine washing your environment since you will also

Is the party over? Dishes in the dish washer hand wash dishes in the drainer and leftovers in fridge

right back at ya..sleep well…

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