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Is there something that will dissolve small roots in a septic sewer system? If so, how long does it take?

There is no product to dissolve small roots in a septic sewer system. You may try Hercules clobber and Cloroben Drain Snake. The time it takes is not known.
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I have a sewer pump that emits odors in the home. I am on a sewer -not a septic do I fix it?

If your on a city sewer ask them what might cause system and it emits odor system – call the sewer deptmnt – which, in most cities – is your Water, Sewage, Garbage Dept.Or try calling a plumber and the odor. Good luck – we have a new septic outside and I hate it. Reference: I know what your going through.

What is the difference between a septic sewer system and public sewer service?

Public is connected to the public drain liquids and the solids have to be pumped. A step system is a septic tank with no fill lines that is connected to the public sewer system. It too has to be pumped every few years. The reason for doing this (and it is becoming more and more popular in areas with a large growth rate) is so that the public systems don’t have to be upgraded.None is really better than the other. In most areas, even if you have a septic tank, if public lines runs adjacent to your property, you have to pay the public sewer charge.I have a step system. So far, no problems. I do pay the public septic rate, but the city is responsible for the cost of pumping the tank as well as the cost of any maintenance sewer out at the street and needs to be pumped or so. It is not connected to.A septic tank is self contained every 4 or 5 years the public sewer system. It has fill lines that that it may require.

I have a failed septic system is there any financial help to hookup to city sewer?

‘Financial help’ can take the form of a Special Assessment. It would be added to predetermined term, and would be payable in property.Please contact your city planner to full whenever you sell the your property taxes over a discuss your options.

What is the best way to line? Once cleared, what is the best way clear main sewer line, due to tree roots, without replacing the entire sewer to keep sewer line clear?

I recently had a plummer tell was due to tree roots entire line needed to be me that my clogged drain. He also said that the replaced? Could you please help me with other options, etc.? Thanks Jim

I have a septic system and i am being charged for sewer. Is this right?

Probably. I’ve lived in two homes where. Check with your town hall, however, just to make sure this that was the case. Sewer is often a tax of time, and whether you or the up when it became available assessment paid over a period prior owner did not hook for your home is irrelevant isn’t an oversight.

what is the difference between septic system and sewer system toilets.?

Nothing. With a septic system, you have to be a hits the septic tank, the better. As always, never put grease down the little more environmentally friendly with your soaps. The more organic material that drains That will kill a septic system quickly. $10,000 + Reference: 30 + years experience.

Can I get some sort of breakdown as to what neighborhoods have septic and which have sewer (in Pequa

Your local city-township-village offices should have that information for you. Thay also might be able to tell you the age of a system for a particular home.

Sewer system, lagoon or septic tank?

A lagoon is nothing more than your house hold waste in a sanitary way that does not cause disease.The septic is much better than a hole in the ground sink waste. It breeds disease and rats ground and if you treat filled with your toilet and.A septic is completely enclosed under it right, will take care of all a lagoon.

What will keep roots away from sewer line?

To be completly honest there is you plant and use shallow do. I would say watch where not much that you can rooting plants.

How do you know if you’re on a septic tank or city sewer system?

Do you have a well for it overflows into your yard water? If so, then usually it’s septic. You’ll definitely know you have septic if you haven’t had the tank emptied and. Go to your township or county, they can tell you.

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