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Kelly Blue Book value for 2004 Ford Mustang 3.9 liter V 6 40th anniversary very good condition 152000 miles

Sorry, no exact price for given detail. A used 2004 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe with a mileage of 150,301 miles has a Kelly Blue Book value of $7,500.
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2004 ford mustang convertible 40th anniversary good deal?


2004 ford mustang GT 40th anniversary edition?

rip off!i have the 45th anniversary pony edition, brand new 300 miles for 19k. theres no way i would buy that. theres better deals.

Help me please,,, What mustang should i get the 2004 mustang gt 40th anniversary OR the 05-08 model gt’s?

04 = cheaper insurance but slower

What is the value of a used fair condition 1994 ford crown victoria on kelly’s blue book

Since you know the car best! You should go to and enter its info yourself for best accuracy.

What size engine does the 2004 40th annual edition Ford Mustang have?

I believe the GT was a 4.6L and the non GT was a 3.9L

Engine upgrades for my 2004 40th anniversary ed. mustang?

You can do multiple upgrades to exhaust systems and power programmers ported heads and a cam the 3.8 engine. There are boltons such as camshafts etc. I have got-en a 1999 3.8 mustang up to 270 with upgrade. I would look into dual exhaust and re-programing the computer.

What is the blue book value for a 98 Ford Taurus in fair condition (155K miles)?

no book on that car/too old and too many miles/they will tell you what they will pay/more or less on a take it or leave it basis

Which ford model transmissions will work in 2000 ford mustang 3.8 liter 5 spd

Any Tremec T-5 out of a V6 mustang will work just fine from 1994-present they haven’t changed much.

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