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Locked keys in closet how do I pick it?

Assess the type of lock you are trying to pick. For ordinary locks, try to use hairpin.
Some information by our algorithm and check these resources as below:

How do I pick a lock, my keys are locked in my office HELP!!!?

I think you are in the wrong security heading. This is computer security. Try calling him back. If not reachable you can call a locksmith.

I locked my keys inside my car. How do I pick the lock?

call the cops to come and open it for you

how do i get into my 1991 lexus 250es with keys locked in the trunk and doors locked?

Find Doc Brown from ‘Back to the Future’; go back to the day ask for a spare set you bought the car and of keys.

Ever really looked into your inner locked closet? What skeletons are there? Too bad to share?

We all have skeletons in our such as this. They’re not too bad to share, but I just chose to put past mistakes behind me and dwell on the present and what the future may closet, and those who say they denial. I have a couple but them out on a site I chose not to put don’t are probably lying or in be.

I just locked my keys out of my car, does anyone know how to pick the lock of a 1996 camry?

The old coat hanger trick should feed it through the door the door latch or push do the job.straighten out a coat hanger and gap and try to hook the electric door lock button if you have one.russ

Russ locked me in the closet at the QnA Funny Farm. I got out hehehehe!

That would be a negative. I think I’ll stay out here and watch. I’d cheer you on, s0-to-speak. alec

i locked my keys in my car and i have no money what should i do HELP!!!!!!

You could break a window but to have it fixed later it will cost you money.

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