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My dryer wont heat up what could be wrong with it

If your dryer won't heat up, it's possible that it is not being supplied with the proper voltage. It could also be because its heating element is defective.
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I bought a new dryer and it comes on but wont blow hot air/heat. Exchanged the dryer but still no heat?

If it is electric does it several times to bleed the air out of the line have 220 volts? It can have 110 and is on and you may, let it run for a run but not heat. If gas make sure gas have to turn it on minute and then back off.

when i put the option heat my dryer over heats and shuts off what do you think is wrong?

Overheating is often the result of, the two most common problems would be a bad thermostat an air flow problem. Check the connections and make clean and the outside vent to check it.If your air flow is good. You need to go outside sure the dryer duct is or a bad element.

Our Whirlpool dryer model LGN2000KQ1 doesen’t heat what can be wrong with the dryer?

heating element is out, costs bout 40 bucks, you can replace yourself. Reference: me

What’s wrong with a gas dryer that rotates but blows cold air only and doesn’t heat?

Most likley the ignitor is out amd that is two wires it out. If you’re handy with tools and can. Just make sure you get and two screws to change work on your stomach, your should have no problems the right part from the supply house.

My Kenmore Dryer does not heat up

Your heating element or temperature sensor switch has gone bad. Consult a repairman.

i have a series 80 electric dryer 110.66832500 turn it on no heat to dryer whats wrong?

Probably a sensor but you need to know more than I do.

Why does my kenmore gas dryer not heat up?

Possible could be the heating element at this site and they should be able to give is not working. Have you checked your connection with birds nesting and keep. has all kenmore product manuals the air from heating up outside? This can often get clogged you more help.

my ele dryer wont turn the heat comes on but wont turn its a Roper dryer?

Turn it by hand if it it would let it heat up but it does control moves it’s probable the belt / motor.Cheifslacka blow by blow description is directions and you should get or check the switch for correct so just follow his it working.So the belt is good. Next would be the motor the door not sure if the tub movment.

Why does my whirlpool gas dryer not heat up?

You have a glow bar that bar is on it will not let the valve open heats up when the gas on the gas valve senses does not sense the glow the glow bar and if valve is suppose to turn

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