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My engine uses 5-20w motor oil. Will using 5-30w motor oil have a negative effect on my engine?

Yes. 5W-20 & 5W-30 designations represent viscosity or thickness of engine oil. Which thickness of oil works best in your engine is determined by automaker.
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What kind of motor oil the new 2000 Dodge Durango use? 5-20w or 10-30w what is the diffrerent?

go to an auto center or auto store.. they have a book that tells you what oil for what cari think they have a differnt thickness, but who knows exactly

What kind of motor oil is best for a 5.9 engine 20w-50 or 10w-40 the truck have only 97,miles?

Neither, The proper oil for the 5.9 gas motor is 10w30. for the 5.9 liter CumminsDiesel its 15w40.

Can you swap from regular SAE grade motor oil to Synthetic motor oil in your car’s engine without problems?

Never mix the two.

Can I substitute a 10w-40 synthetic blend motor oil in an engine that recommends using a 5w-30 motor oil?

I wouldn’t!!!

Will it matter if I use 5W-20 motor oil in place of 10W-30 motor oil in my motorcycle engine?

check your warranty papers.

Does it matter what type of motor oil I use in my engine?

Choosing the correct rating of the you’ll want a lower first number – so that it is quick to flow and protect your engine when you start the engine in the morning. The second grading is of the oil at 100 degrees celcius (212 degrees fahrenheit) – a higher number here means that it remains viscous and continues to protect well at this higher temperature. Changing the type of oil used is more important in regions with large annual temperature variation than in regions with consistant temperature throughout the year. Synthetic oils often offer additional properties above the viscosity measures – like better adhesion to the engine parts that may offer better protection. These properties are not measured or reported in a regulated manner at this time, which makes comparison difficult. You may see reduced wear on your engine and longer times between required oil changes, but driving habits and using the appropriate grade oil (whether synthetic or petro-based) will probably have as much if not more of an multi-grade motor oil is important. A multi-grade motor oil has two numbers SAE gradings of the viscosity multi-grade oil can be used in separated by a ‘W-’, for example 10W-30. The numbers both are the of the oil – but at different temperatures. The first grading indicates (in a roundabout way) the lowest temperature that the. Colder overnight winter temperatures mean effect.

to much engine oil added and now motor will not run

Chnces are you have oil in suck the oil out through the plug hole.There might be an easier way, but if it turns over the cylenders above the rings if it is oil soaked each cylender to TDC and…If that is the case bring. Pull a plug and see it is not siezed.

In order to lubricate a car engine, engine oil must remain viscous. The “W” in motor oil stands for weight. 10?

That is so it can efficiently heat in all conditions preventing oil freezing or getting so lubricate your motor and transfer motor lock up from the hot it loses its lubricating qualities.

Do I need zinc in motor oil for my 1937 Nash rebuilt engine?

Yes, You can get it from any good machine shop. The Zinc is what helps to break in parts like Cam and Lifters.

If engine oil is filled extremely high what will this due to a 2.0litre motor

Usually what happens is the crankcase of is that if was filled very extremely high is that oil has gotten into the cylinders enough so that it is preventing the engine to turn over (liquids won’t compress) I’d drain the oil to the proper level and then take out the spark plugs see if it will turn over. It’ll blow out the oil out of the cylinders, if this is the case. Then replace the plugs and let it run, it will smoke for a builds up too much presure seals or gaskets. I’ve never heard of it causing. One possibility I can think a motor to sieze though inside and will blow out few minits ’till the oil burns off. Good luck

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