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My son has a school project. How can u make a model car with working headlights? Material needed

You can buy small LED lights at most craft and model stores. Store employees should be able to help you with this. You will also need battery & connector..more?
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Can I use clay to make? My son needs to make a model of a mission one for a school project.?

Yes, you can use clay but an armature. You can also use bass wood and or straws to hold things up. It will be easier and lighter if you use foam core and then kind of stucco it over with gesso for the right texture. You can buy lots of different kinds of gesso for rougher or smooth texture, or just add things to it yourself. Foam core can also be sanded or roughed up for a more ruinous look. Cut out the walls of the mission with a sharp utility knife or exacto knife. Glue and or pin the model walls together with straight pins. I find that it’s easier to get the walls to stay in place when drying by either taping or pinning them as I go.You can buy plastic roofing tiles in sheets by a company called Plastruct if you want something super easy. If you want to go the cheap way just cut some pieces of cardboard and scallop them by folding them around a pencil or something of the right diameter. You could use thickish paper as well. A tip: print out pictures of the mission (as many different views as possible) in a size close as possible to the size (or scale) that you will be working in. It will be easier to it depends on how large making. If you go with clay you will probably want some of a model you are and it is pretty large wire mesh to serve as duplicate that way.

how do you make a working car model without a kit for a science project?

If you can’t be more specific, the best advice I can offer is to write down every possible way to build something that doesn’t work, then build something that isn’t on the list.

My son is doing a project on Avalanche. How do you make a model of an avalanche?

beens and rice

How do you make a model battery operated car for a school project?

try a web search for ‘science projects’, u’ll get all the basics

My car’s headlights are very dim, is there a way to make them brighter?

Your alternator or battery may be weak or your lights may be going. or they may be just dirty.Have them checked it’s the safest way.

School Project help; pics needed

Here a lot of sites that the people and see if their appearance agees with the age they say they are discuss the topic and set on appearance:For your project you could take or similar singles online sites standards for determining age based one of these reports, go to that show the age of.

My son has to build a solar home for his school project what would be the best material to use?

what size are we talking here? small use some of that packing material and use a exacto (sp) knife to form, shape sides roof , put it together with something that won’t melt the Styrofoam

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