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My zippo flip open lighters spark weel wont budge how do i fix it? Ive already tried to slip a piece of metal or wire under it that didnt work

You might need a new flint. To replace it, go to most any smoke shop & buy a pack of flints. Remove the inner lighter from the outer case by gently ...more?
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Is it legal for any1 under 16 to buy zippo lighters, zippo lighter fluid, zippo lighter wicks or zippo flints?

Unless Connecticut has recently released new blue laws, it’s probably just the gas station’s store policy.

can charcoal ligter fluid work with zippo lighters?

To answer your question, yes it will work. Going further though, it will not work well for your Zippo. You will get black smoke. It is not refined as much as lighter fluid made everytime you light it and probably an odor.

Why wont my zippo not spark?

turn the around, maybe a bad place on it or put in a new one. make sure you have plenty of fluid in lighter.


Zippo Marx.

Where can you buy zippo lighters?

Tobacco stores

Where can i find flints for zippo lighters; BESIDES ONLINE. Or zippo accessories; thatd be helpful?

try walmart, or a tobacco store etc

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