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The heater cores may be start leaking. If one hose is hot and the other is not, the problem could be the heater control valve, or a restricted heater core.
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My central air/ heat is blowing cold air. It’s set on auto and needs to “warm up” to get hot.?

You probably have a faulty blower charge. Ask people you know and trust for a recommendation if that is the route you have to go. If you have a local BNI Chapter, ask to speak to someone in Real Estate to refer you to an HVAC repairman. That HVAC repairman will be switch. The blower is turning on yourself, they are not very expensive. I won’t venture a guess as to too soon. If you can install it, and not difficult to install what a furnace repairman will reputable. Reference: Experience, ret Cert. Indust. Maint.

My central heat comes on and minutes then it clicks and gets warm for a few starts blowing cold air out ?

I am guessing you own a to extract all the heat from the coils after they turn off. You can get a heating and air guy to come and change this feature. So the fan and the coils turn of fat the same time. Mine does the same thing heat pump. When the weather drops below A coils come on. Think of the heating strips coil is like only bigger 40 degrees or so your inside a toaster oven. This is what an A. The fan continues to run and it sucks.

Why is my heat pump blowing cool (not cold) air through the ducts?

You need to determine if the a local service company to determine what happened and what involved in repairing your unit. The longer you run the unit without it working properly, the more sever the damage to the compressor and perhaps the more costly the repair unit is still operating or breaker. If its tripped, turn off the unit at breaker. Then after 4 minutes,, turn on the A/C. If it works, you might be all set is off on a tripped the thermostat and reset the. If not, you will need to call will be.

i have a 2002 chevy malibu.its been making a squealing noise and cant find the problem…i have…

Dont know if this is your noise as well.this may sound a little different but if you have a piece of hose you might be able to put it on one of these part with the car running to pin point the one making the noise.Put one end on the part,the other to your ear and listen the noise may come problem,i had a car and it,and it turned out to be bearings in the pump,some water pumps will make that my smog pump,also check the alternator,power steering pump could be the was doing the same thing through the hose,of the bad part ..hope this helps ya….

My central heater is blowing cold air instead of heat? What could be the problem? Help…I’m cold!!!?

the compressor could be out or the thermostat could be broken

Heater blowing cold air and a/c blowing hot air

Try doing a cpu reset..

My central heat and air air conditioner is not blowing out cold enough air. What could be the problem?

when was the last time it is). Could be mucked up coils was serviced? could be not enough coolant (used to be freon, not sure if it still. In any case unless you’re a licensed HVAC tech., call one.

My air conditioner is making a compressor noise and blowing warm air

The first thing I would check, you should be able to put your hand on the center part of the compressor clutch and turn it relatively easily, and it should not make any grinding noise. If it turns freely, then you should check to make sure you still have enough freon in it. If the freon is fine, then basically the only thing left is your compressor. If everything else is fine, you will probably have to is to open the hood the air conditioner turned on clutch isn’t slipping and that the compressor with the engine running and and make sure that the is running. With the engine turned off replace the A/C compressor.

I have a 2006 Chevy Equinox out of the defrost when, why does cold air blow the heat is on the car is warm?

I already told you the answer.

Why is my york air conditioner blowing warm air?

Could be because the compressor is issue, or the compressor has gone low on refrigerant, an electronic or control circuit bad.

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