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On outboard boats, the capacity plate provides a horsepower rating. What does this rating mean?

Horsepower rating accurately describes the capability or job capacity of an engine for these applications. It is the measurement of an engine's power.
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In Tennessee, what or where can I find the rules for outboard motors horsepower rating being displayed ?

I could not find any information hp they can check the stating you could not paint your motor. If they need to check the serial number.Here is the link to TN: htmlGood Luck – Boat Safe!

How is the rating of electrical motor is calculated from the pump rating and fan rating?

This depends on the pressure loss rate and pressure loss you/ Pump power required and motor within the system, when you know the flow can then calculate the Fan size using the Fan and Pump laws

2007 honda 919 horsepower rating?

As I recall, the original Fireblade was a 900, with a 16′ front wheel. In 2000, they went to a 929 to 954, and in 2004 it went since. There never was a 919 to a full 1000, where it has stayed ever, in 2002 the size jumped. Try lade

Tires, why do they have a V, why cant you put on speed rating? If the rating is a a tire that has an S rating?

Because it keeps the people who don’t have a clue out of potential trouble.

is the kva rating of the transformer is the capacity of the each phase or sum of three phases capacity?

yup it’s the total sum of phases

is the kva rating of the transformer is the capacity of the each phase or three phases total capacity?

Yes it is the kva rating the whole three-phases total capacity of a transformer.

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