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Should pillows be washed before being used?

No. Cut the labels off of your new pillows before using them on your bed. sSlip on a pillow protector and a decorative pillowcase to match your sheets.
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Can microbead pillows be washed?

nope just spot cleaned.microbeads are nice at first then it can wash through the fabric.just get a new one after a while not only because of the dirt but the pillow will go very flat and no longer have support they seem to fail big with that junk and the very, very can’t wash them they’ll turn to mud and clog time. i have some toys filled life of the items are the plumbing… the materials are so small.

How often do hotels have the comforters and pillows washed?

I hear everytime they get used .. but thats not always the case .. sometimes it just better to spend the extra money for a nicer hotel :)

I tried memory foam pillows, down pillows, synthetic pillows

My advice would be to sleep by hanging from your legs, like Batman.

I have one of the old Feather pillows can it be washed, and dried?

If you put 3 tennis balls clean is your house and I tryed it with my own pillows and it works. I gave the ball to in the dryer with your it keep it’s shape it also works for is on low heat delicate feather pillow they will help comforters , foam pillows and jackets. Make sure that the dryer cycle. I saw it on How my dog after.

Can tempur pedic pillows be compared to buckwheat pillows and which is better for the neck?

Tempur pedic pillows are to me good lift design to rest you and help all the muscles and bones . and buck wheat is just a bunch of hulls . and they know no pattern or have any use in my boo except they feel good to some people., as far as the buck wheat . i could make pillows out of corn or rice and really better and buck wheat to this. tempur pedic are designed to really are made in a the neck and head and does not even come close say they are better!

Okay, I just washed my Black truck, anyone esle need their’s washed?

Yes! Give me a call honey eat, and go back to my. Maybe we’ll pick up a bite to place.

i washed my feather pillows and now they smell?

get new pillows. they should have been dry cleaned.

Do the memory foam pillows help who are prone to it to reduce snoring in those? Also, how long do the memory foam pillows hold up?

I ran across this blog that has some products to help stop snoring, including special pillows that are supposed to work. As Check it out… As Good luck, hope this helps.

why can feather pillows be washed in da washing machine?


Has anyone successfully washed the Contour memory foam pillows?

Don’t wash memory foam. Not even hand wash.

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