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what are household items that will fix scratches on a cd

The best way is to buy a commercial scratch fixer at the store. You can also try non abrasive, non gel toothpaste, rubbing it on the cd letting dry, buff off.
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What household items can be used to fix scratches on a CD?

My partner managed to repair a on a piece of kitchen towel to absorb the water. This also gets rid of any of the static. Next he used a small amount of Brasso which I keep for cleaning candlesticks etc. He applied some onto a clean cloth and gently rubbed over the scratch several times in a straight line. It did the trick and now my CD plays without CD that I had which it. What he did was to tap and leave to dry run the CD under the kept sticking when I played sticking.

best way to polish out scratches on dvd (household products)

om3ga did a lot of household around the whole disc. I then dribbled water on to loosen it up so I could rub the excess off.’( experiments and ended up with same way as the toothpaste to one area, it ended up evenly spread, except I didn’t dribble water on it. I rubbed it first. Even though I applied it a pretty accessible tool. Hair Gel.’Yes, hair gel, and guess what… It worked!I applied it in much the)

Removing iPod touh scratches with household items?

you could always try turtle wax rubbing compound (to way your car, if you dont have any its fairly cheap, like maybe 6-7 bucks) but its possible even that wont work. the touch’s screen is real glass, so scratches (depending on the depth) are pretty permanent. best of luck

How do I fix up scratches on a dvd using household equipment?

Use windex, I do.

How do you fix blisters with household items?

This sounds gross but I pop time. Use rubbing alcohol or peroxide to help the healing process and cover them with bandaides if you are going to continue playing. Don’t they have gloves you can wear during golf? Maybe you should try that. I really don’t know much about golf but I’m sure wearing gloves would help prevent those yucky blisters.Good luck with your try outs my blisters before they actually all the liquid out. The faster they dry out heal, the skin is tougher so peel and try to get, the faster they heal. Once they dry out and you don’t get blisters as easily next!

How Do you Fix Scratches On An MP3 Player???

Lol, yes very good. Let me see, you could apply some fiberglass putty, rub it down with some sandpaper then spray it with silver paint, that should do it.

How can I fix my damaged hair with household items?

You can use mayonnaise or olive day and just be extremely gentle with it. I have had beyond damaged hair before. I did this, and with a trim every oil to help put some normal conditioner. Leave it in your hair a hot towel around it moisture into it. Or you can use your for a few hours with. Wash your hair every other so often, my hair got healthy.

can you fix cd scratches with peanut butter

some say yes some say no work as long as the scratch is not a gouge but they do make something my mind at this time sell it and it does but game and music stores for it the name slips

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