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What are the most common causes of a rough idle in car engines?

A loose or broken vacuum hose causes rough idling. Clogged filters are another common cause. A timing belt jumping a tooth is also a cause of rough idling.
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Why does my car have a rough idle?

You need to switch to midgrade gas instead of the cheap stuff.

What causes a car to idle rough?

Carbon build up in the engine as described in the link is the first cause to Chevron Techron regularly to help as well as the IAC correct. Try an BG-44k engine cleaning treatment or use a rough idle. The throttle plate and bore valve should be cleaned manually below. entral/automotive/1272341.html?page=3 Reference: /fuels/additives/concentrate_plus.shtml

2002 2.2L grand am idle rpm set @ 700. Why does it idle rough only in gear ?

Gm tsb #04-06-04-063 . requires a reflash/reprogramming of the vehicles computer to solve Idle issues.Seems that the computer is entering wrong times causing this issue the dealer and have the stall saver mode at the.You need to take it to computer in your car reprogrammed.

My car has rough idle and I need help?

have you tried switching gas,like if your using premium or truck.i switched fuel and it stopped mid grade switch to something reaction. Sometimes it might even be there for a while it else just to see the because of the mileage. I have 136,xxx on my ls v8 and was idling like a diesel?

I took my car to have. Started the car and it the valve cover gaskets replaced now has a rough idle. HELP?

I would assume that some sensor that had to be unplugged was not plugged back in. It happens sometimes. Is the check engine light on? Reference: certified mechanic

My1990chevylumina3.1keepsdying on me. it has a rough idle it surges at idle.

It sounds like you have a start youre engine and spray hoses. You should notice a change major vaccum leak, get some throttle body cleaner around the intake and vaccum in engine rpm when you hit the affected area.

CAR ISSUE: What is normally the cause for a rough idle?

dirty filter (air gas, ect oil even)

My Hyundai Elantra 2001 get a rough idle, Can it be caused by when i unpluged the pcv the pcv – 002 emission control valve because, the engine turn little bit faster but don’t turn rough

Remove the PCV and shake it the oil will pressurize and. If the bsalal inside shakes is good. Do you have alot of the motor? This is a common problem like a spray can it oil on the outside of when the PCV gets clogged blow out the gaskets.

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