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What can i use in place of dryer sheets?

Try adding a few drops of lavender or your favorite essential oil during the washer's spin cycle or as you throw the clothes into the dryer.
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How do I remove a redish color from the walls of my dryer? Sheets stained my dryer after washing.

clean all inside with soapy water cloth. Wipe off all soapy residue until nocolor comes off on the cleaning with clean wet cloth.

What common household/food item has taken the budget hit at your place? Mine is dryer sheets!?

that pretty much covers it. but i try to get them at the dollar store anyway *blushing*

What is the purpose for dryer sheets?

To soften fabrics and add a fresh scent.

Am I supposed to use dryer sheets after washing towels and bed sheets?

if u want try snuggle 199 abox of 40 walmart

Do you use fabric softener or dryer sheets? Why do you prefer one over the other?

When choosing whether or not to one, I recommend you select one that has an appealing scent to you, as their fragrance tends to use fabric softeners, be aware that they will, pillow cases, towels, underwear, and other fabrics becoming softer. On the positive side, they do eliminate static electricity do just that – soften your fabrics. In other words, with continual use, you may find your sheets, thinner, and tearing more easily – thus shortening their useful life and cling. If you choose to use permeate fabrics and linger. Good Luck!

Do dryer sheets effect the color of white laundry?

no but fabric sofner does, ive learned that the hard way, now i put in my bleach at the begining with ruin all of my light the water so it doesnt soap and fabric softner and colors

How do dryer sheets work?What about a dryer sheet causes it to reduce static electricity?

I just read an article in the local paper that dryer contain many different chemicals, so of which can be produce the same effect by sheets are basically unregulated and harmful.The article also said you can adding a 1/4 cup of vinegar to the wash water..

What’s better to use on clothing that you’re washing: liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets? Why?

Liquid for most of Europe, a fraction of the washer and fluff and unknot any garments in a way a fume could never do!. There is no doubt liquid lingers longer, the scent of the sheet may well smell stronger initially but that is basically all you are getting, the sheet/ snake oil salesmen have perfected the art of smell over content, try a bottle next wash you may be surprised how good that liquid is these owners here have tumble/clothes driers and even then would winter weather, that aside, i have to say i product, it can penetrate the clothes only use it in bad think liquid is the better better than the ‘scented fume’ of a sheet, in doing so will soften days!. *v*

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