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What can i use on my plastic eyeglass lenses , to remove aersol paint overspray?

Rubbing alcohol can often remove paint overspray from plastic- simply rub it on with a rag. Also try hairspray! After, be sure to rinse clean & dry.
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How can I remove scratches from plastic eyeglass lenses?

you can’t

Does anyone want to know about how eyeglass lenses are made?

Yea, have worn glasses most of uncomfortable. How can I get a, but they all trouble me life and they are so right confortable fit.? I keep having them adjusted. I wear a child’s size frame although I am 56. thanks

Can you buy new eyeglass frames to fit old lenses?

Yes you can buy now frames and this will work if right style and size and about any eye doctors office you can get them at the eye glass is the or walmart .

Is there any way to remove very small scratches from plastic prescription eyeglass lenses?

I asked employees at my eyedoctor this and she said no. But I think she may have been lying so I would buy new glasses. That greedy bitch!

how do i remove paint marker from the plastic on my tv

du to it being plastic, whatever you use will probably, just delivered! you may need to live with it and just put a decorative cloth or something on it, if it is on the glass part, you can do much better mar the finish on the anything with acetone it sure ago on the NEW tv will, my kid did that years tv. don’t use nail polish remover or removing but plastic, i don’t think so.

I am about to paint a need to prepare the plastic plastic console how do i so the paint will stick

Krylon just came out with a new spray pain made just for plastics called Fusion heres a link​lid=10&productid=1751&content=product_details

can you use eyeglass cleaner that is formulated for lenses with glass,plastic,and coated lenses on a lcd tv?

As long as the product doesn’t have any ammonia, you should be okay. Most plastic cleaners are isopropanol based (alcohol) and are harmless to the plastic. Ammonia, on the other hand, is murder to many plastics (and electronics, too… right Reggie?)

How do I remove superglue from eyeglass lens?

try acetone nail polish remover, as long as you have glass lenses. if not, goo gone is always good.

Does anyone know where i can have clear plastic demo lenses fitted to my plastic eyeglass frames?

I’m sure you can go to eyeglasses where the lens are supposed to be.Option 3) Go to any party store and look for fake glasses. They must have many of those.Option 4) Go to a photographer shop and ask if they sell glasses with fake lense. It’s an old photographer’s trick to use regular glasses with plastic lens in a photo, so there wouldn’t be a glare on the an optical shop (i.e – Wal Mart, Sears, Hakim Optical, Pearl Visions, etc) and ask them to make. If not, here are some alternative suggestions at any Optical Store. They are regular frames but plastic lens for your frames:Option 1) Buy eyeglass models they display with plastic lens.Option 2) Put clear tape on the real glasse lens, I’m sure they have them.Good luck, Hope this helps!

How do i remove crazy glue from an eyeglass lens?

Lighter fluid will take this off and not hurt your lens , Ive used this before on my child’s glasses

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