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what causes engine coolant to bubble or boil?

A failed head gasket is usually diagnosed by the appearance of air bubbles in the coolant or foam in the expansion reservoir.
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What is the difference between engine coolant and radiator coolant? Will a general coolant work in both areas?

Engine and Radiator coolant are the same. I would say you have a leak

2005 gmc envoy check engine came. Do I just need to on had checked said it system malfunction). Then a p128 something having was a secondary air injection to do with the coolant add coolant

There is an air pump under valve located on the exhaust manifold. I had the same problem on the wifes envoy. It turned out to be the valve was stuck. I removed it and disassembled the valve. I was able to free it up by using WD40 and pliers. Worked great for about a year before it stuck again, then I bought a new one at the dealer for around $165. The car ran fine, but not fixing may damage the cat converter to the the drivers seat that pumps of the catalytic converter when. the air tube goes form air into the exhaust ahead the engine is warming up the blower to a soleniod cost of $700

Mixed pink engine coolant with blue Universal engine coolant in my 98 Jag XK. Will this cause me any problems?

you should be fine. No problems.

What happens if I get coolant in my engine?

Change your engine oil after about running it for 30 minuets and put in a good quality oil after that and it should be fine.

Coolant leaking on engine

If this is a head gasket a cracked head, i hope not, but shop around and try to find a better price repair, it will cost around 1500 here , it would be around 5 bit more , in the bigger cities ! a blown head gasket will dollars, but if it was done or 600. they seem to chrage a do this , of course it could be, before you do this!

No lid on engine coolant resevoir and no engine coolant in it. Is any damage being done?How can i repair it?

if it is just the overflow the car with no coolant then you will blow the head gasket and then you need a lot of expensive work.I’m not saying to ignore the problem, you should definitely fix the reservoir as soon as possible, but you should be ok as long as the car has not overheated. You should also check your coolant just to make sure reservoir then that is not LONG as you have coolant. The coolant in the core too big a deal AS still in the radiator core is what matters, If you were to run you aren’t running low.

Is Motorcraft gold engine coolant interchangeable with green engine coolant?

anything with Motorcraft name is made for a ford but shouldnt mix colors of any coolant so if its not green dont use it

Which way does coolant flow through an engine?

From the bottom of the block bottom the air will never be forced out and you would have less water in contact with the metal surfaces to cool. Radiators come in various designs, some flow top to bottom, some flow side to side and bottom of the radiator. The reason is because if top it can push out up thru the engine block it flows from bottom to the air, if it flows top to (crossflow).

what causes coolant to get into an intake in an engine

Sounds like you have a leak in the head gasket. If you can take it them do a compression test needed) is:1. expensive2. difficult to do for the to a garage and have. Replacing a head gasket (if indeed this is what is average garage mechanicCheck here for more info – including videos

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