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What cubic inch is the dodge rams 4.7 liter v8

First Generation of Rams 4.7 liter V8 is 318- and 360-cubic-inch. Dodge Rams v8 is capable of towing 6,850 pounds.
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what cubic inch is my dodge hemi 5.7 litre engine?


How many cubic inches in a liter?

It takes 61 cubic inches to make one liter.

How many cubic centimeters are in a liter?

1000 cubic centimeter are there in a litre

What is the horsepower rating for a 3.18 cubic inch V8 in a dodge charger?

i have a 318 in a ram charger it is stock it 197hp 204fp

Does anybody know the C.I.(cubic inch) on a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L Magnum V8?

The equation is 61 cubic inches per liter. 61×4.7=286.7 cubic inches

How do you fit 15 inch 1500 with factory 20 inch wheels on a dodge ram rims. 15s hit the brake caliper

Depending on how much rub there you need something like an inch you might need to go new rotor/caliper route if you only need a thousandth or two the shaving might be an option, however make sure you have enough room because road debris or mud/rocks could make you have a is you might have to with a truck that was rims. determine how much room there replace the rotors and calipers originally equipped with the smaller needs to be and if bad day

4.8 liter equals what in cubic inches?

4.8 liter is equal to 292.913972 cubic inches.

289. cubic inch motor , bored .060 over, what is the final cubic inch??

What is the displacement of the before? What is the actual displacement of the actual displacement not cylinders before boring? Has the block been bored of the block. 289 can be an estimate necessarily the actual cubic inches. Why don’t you know this?

who was win a race? A 97 DODGE RAM 5.9 LITER V8 MAGNUM 360 ENGINE OR A 2002 DODGE DAKOTA 3.9 LITER?

Take it a track, and find out.Benchracing doesn’t prove anything at all.Nor does racing it on the street, as it’s not a controlled event.So, invite him to a track meet. If he refuses, you win. If you refuse, he wins.

8.1 liter equals what in cubic inches?

One liter = 61 cubic inches therefore 8.1 liters = 494.1 cubic inches.

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