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What do i use to remove stains from a white polyester shirt?

Not Legal Advice: To remove stains from white clothes use hydrogen peroxide or bleach then wash with regular detergent.
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OK, once and for all. How can I remove white perspiration stains from a black polyester shirt?

tide pen

How do you get blood stains out of a white shirt?

Try using hydrogen peroxide , pour on the stain , rub together , and wash.

How do I get pit stains out of a white shirt?

Try soaking it overnight in a added to the washing machine washing on the shirt’s care label) and OxyClean. Then wash it. If that doesn’t work, wash it with some bleach mixture of water (the hottest that is recommended for.

On a white dry fit shirt (100% polyester) how can I remove set dirt stains?

They make a non chlorine bleach you can use when presoaking for a while or overnight when presoaking the shirt also the shirt in warm water. Try adding a liquid detergent, along with the non chlorine bleach.

How do you get grass stains out of a white shirt?

Buy a small bottle of methylated it gently onto the stain (no scrubbing) repeat the process if necessary and then wash the garment spirit from your local pharmacy small hidden area first to in the meths and dab test the colour. Soak a ball of cotton and dab it onto a as per normal.

How can I remove the “tear stains” from a white dog?

There is a product called Angel Eyes. Its fantastic i used 2 bottles. the stains havent come back n its been 3mths since i used it last

How to remove ink stains from white cotton/polyester tote bag?

It will be difficult now to have already dried the bag in the products that remove remove the stains if you…try hairspray or hand sanitizer….you can also try rubbing alcohol the ink. moval/a/inkstains.htmfound this site…try some of these…good luck and I hope you can clean your bag

How do I remove mildew stains from snow white cotton/polyester comforter? Instructions are No Bleach.?

Take it to a dry cleaner. Use a coupon, it should only be 25 bucks or so

How can i remove yellow stains from white interior…how can i?

Try a product called ‘Mold Away’. I used to get it at Boater’s World before they went out it online. It is amazing at removing DID remove the same yellowing of business, now I have to buy mold and mildew and it on my boat that you are dealing with. It works great!

How do you remove under arm stains on white shirts?

oxiclean and shout spray.

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