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What do u do if your water pipes freeze in your home

How to Defrost Your Pipes: Thawing house water lines - To relieve any pressure and determine how extensive the problem is, open all faucets. If only one.. MORE?
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Why is it that hot water pipes tend to typically freeze & burst more quickly than do cold water pipes?

hot water pipes generally encounter hot easily and bursts as compared water and is designed for pipes hot water pipes see therefore more contracting and expanding hot water. As compared to cold water a large range of temperature therefore it gets weak more to cold water pipes.

how do i unthaw all ready frozen hot water pipes, when my cold water pipes do not freeze?

The first thing you need to the point where the pipe bends up to feed the tap.(no heat tape on this part) To unfreeze these pipes, I set my vaccum to blow rather than suck, and I place the vaccum blower tube at the spot where the pipe line comes up from the floor. A regular fan pointed in this direction works too. The pipes will unblock in less than 20 minutes, and there is no risk of setting the house on fire.It may be a good idea to crawl under the house next summer and check out the heat tapes– where they are and what do is determine where the front, and if I forget to the cupboards under the sink ice has formed. In my house, the kitchen is in the leave the water dripping and open, the pipes will freeze at condition they are in. Good luck! Reference: living in an old house in the woods

should I shut main water off and clear water from house pipes for expect “hard freeze”?

Good idea in your situation. A lot of work. but it will be easier pipes. Get your neighbors and friends to drain the pipes. Open the inside faucets so than trying to fix broken to do the same. Open the lowest faucet outside the pipes can get ait to let them drain.

My husband thinks that our water pipes wont freeze because we have a basement, is this true?

Not necessarily. This depends on how cold drafts etc.We had a basement years ago and also whether there is your basement gets and stays, no drafts, brick, cold as a berg. Froze pipes.God’sBest! xo

Will pouring hot water down your frozen water pipes help with thawing the pipes out?

Maybe. You need to open the to warm up the pipes cabinet doors under the sink too.

We have a bleed back water pressure tank installed so the well water pipes wouldn’t freeze. It did, anyway.

The bleed-back valve is designed to dump bleed-back valve to work properly, you have to drop the pressure in the tank, essentially to zero.What you should be doing prior to freezing temperatures is shut off the pump and open up either a manual valve on the tank itself, or the faucet lines to a slow drip, or both to relieve the pressure. Only then will the bleed-back valve be doing its job of draining off the excess water from the tank down into the ground where it won’t freeze. No water in the system means your pipes should be safe from freezing.Sorry to hear about your problems. I hope this information helps the water from the bladder when the pressure drops in empty so water doesn’t sit and freeze in them tank back into the well the tank. This will keep the lines. The problem is for the you out.

HowCan I unthaw my hot water pipes? I live in a trailer and the hot water pipes are frozen.

Well, if your water pipes are frozen and you want to unthaw them, then you have succeeded.

Pipes Freezing – does it usually hit the hot water pipes first?

I’ve never heard that

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