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What do you clean cat urine out of fabric car seats?

Mild detergents are mostly used in cleaning leather seat covers. Car shampoo for other types. Enzymatic cleaner helps remove the stain. More?
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how to clean the fabric seats in my new car?

you need a small hand held kinda steam or ones that all your fabric dry for fabric cleaner. they sell ‘em everywhere. they should have ones that emulate a carpet cleaner. they are easy, you just have to let a while before anyone sits down!

How much fabric to upholster car seats?

Goof-off paint and addhesive remover, you can get it at your home improvment stores.

How do you get cat urine out of fabric?

Nature’s Miracle Cat Urine and Stain Remover works very well. It may take two applications. Just let it soak and rub it in. You can get it at Petsmart or Petco.

How to clean fabric car seats?

Vacuum the seats, then wipe down with damp it on the seats. It will clean them up towel. Get you a can of Woolite carpet cleaner and use and leave it smelling really great.

how do you clean leather car seats

just go to walmart and get it’s the exact same thing as any spray you can get for about a quater of some ‘armor all’, have used on the leather years and the seats still the bottle will show you look new….don’t waste time on special ‘leather’ cleaners as the back of in my explorer for 5 the price….not that tricky really….

What do I use to clean fabric car seats that really get’s stains out?

Resolve Stain Remover or put some Rug Doctor stain remover in s spray bottle. Works great but always try a small test area first.

how to clean cat urine and odor from carpet with out commercial help?

There is a product you can have some rentals and needed to clean cat smell. It worked wonderfully. The address is P.O. box 92797, Henderson, NV 89009-2797. Call them they will ship it to you. This stuff even gets out order from a little tiny @ 1800-531-9556. they are out of Henderson my neighborhood selling this product town in Nevada it’s called ‘Quick JOB’ and you can call them, Nevada and they came around. I bought some because I candle wax!

What is the best way to shampoo/clean fabric car seats?

You can rent a ‘rug-doctor’ from any supermarket, but that’s overkill. You can take your car interior, for about $45. Another thing you can do area, scrub it with a bristle to detail shop, and have them clean the, is get a foaming-type spray-on cleaner, spray it on the problem brush, and then vacuum it up. Test an area first, though. Good luck!!

can a male with dirty urine use a females clean urine to pass a urine drug test?

Only if she is pregnant…

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