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What does the light check gages in my car mean?

The check gauge light can mean many different things. Low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, and low or no voltage are the most common causes. See mechanic
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My 1992 Plymouth Voyager check engine light has been on for4 days and just today the check gages light turned?

It sounds like the people who electrical portion of the exchange ground connection. I would take it back worked on it didn’t make good connections on the. It could be a loose to them and explain the situation.

Check engine light plus on ets light on plus car jerks when put in gear?

We’ll need the trouble code number, and your year, make, and model to better assist you.

98 Z71 5.7 Vortec: Check Engine and Check Gages Light on…?

The ‘Check Gauges’ light is obvious. Go get it scanned and then you will know what the other one means. Reference: Experience.

My “check gages” light is on…?

no you will be okayper your owners manual pg 3the warning zones or if you-33Check Gages Warning Light-This light will come on brieflyengine. If it comes on anddriving, check your various gages to when you are starting the stays on while you are see if they are in are low on fuel. Reference: GM Marketing Support

Check engine light on cruise control light on and car uses alot of gas?

Sounds like a fuel sensor. You will need to get the code off an auto computer diagnostic checker. Any decent shop will have this.

Check engine light flashing/abs light on/car sluggish

Hmmm, sound interesting / fishy. I would take it to a different shop to have it checked out. If possible try to find a ma and pa independent mechanic shop.

Check Gages Light is on!?

well to start you need to get a scan tool to go into the computer and see whats wrong.

Check Gages light came on?

serious you have to ask this of short like bad alternator you lost the belt did yes you have some type or battery maybe could be you stop driving it and check under hood

Car check engine light will not go off and auto locks

Yeah its got a printed circut mashed the brake every thing on the dash lite up lol , like to never figured it out , even the dealer gave up in it i had a panel light and radio and a brack light filiment got pontiac once that all the everything went hay wire because welded together every time i on it

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