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What does the PTY button on my car’s radio do

PTY stands for "program type". It allows a search of radio programs by type (news, classical, popular, etc).
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Why did my radio button turn into a puzzle button? and more important how do I get that radio button back?

Sounds like you are using ‘firefox’ which you will need to go to the firefox website and download updates and plug-ins.

How can I find out which radio button is selected using jQuery without searching for the radio group each time?

<pre><code>var myRadio = jQuery(‘input[name=myradiogroup]&qu ot;);var selectedRadio = myRadio.filter(‘:checked’);alert( selectedRadio.val() );</code></pre>

how to change the name for radio button &retrieve value of radio button at run time in jsp program ?

out.println(‘<input type=radio name=YOUR_NAME_HERE’+……name=xyz will have to be changed to get your required name. if you want to retreive the value you can use request.getParameter(‘YOUR_NAME_HER E’); er-3299/Radio-button-JSP-1.htm Reference: er-3299/Radio-button-JSP-1.htm

What button on a car radio…?

Probably engaged the PTY button and its changing stations to suit.

Where is the reset button on my car radio?

im not sure if there is a tiny 1mm hole in…but ive never seen one on one..on a pc cd rom theres the front of the case a car cd player…remove it and look all over.

I need an event trigger for a radio button for when it is unchecked because another button is checked

There is no event for when take care of that in the onchange event. If you want to know which radio button was unchecked, you would have to keep a reference to the currently checked element in a variable a radio button gets unchecked use the onpropertychange it might only work in. You might be able to event, however that’s not a standardised event so Internet Explorer. The safest way would be to.

Do you sometimes wish Y!A had a SCAN button, like a car radio?

lol that’d be funny

Radio volumn button inop, does radio need programming?

That is so true. If the radio has no will be required. There are those car radios which are so tough where by only an experienced one will have to work on it. Hoping that finding the nearest Jeep dealer will be much easier for you or otherwise, you may simply let us know where you are so that a recommendation can be volume, then you might need to or even the Jeep dealer some maintainance or simply program consult a car wire man so as to either do it depending on what exactly made. Hope this helps. Good luck.

How to have a radio button select another radio button’s value

Perhaps looping through the array of radiobuttons, checking all of them using Javascript? Just a guess, I’m quite new to this.

How do you set the radio on a Delco Electronics car radio? There is no set button!?

Put it on a radio station and hit and hold down the button you want it on until the station light flashes.

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