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What does the switch on top of the steering colum on a 07 subaru sti do?

If you mean the P-switch on top of the steering wheel column, this switch gives you the ability to turn on the parking lights when the car is off.
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Need wiring diagram for a 75 Mustang 2-v6 -steering colum ing switch and directional?

Available at most public libraries Reference: Exp

tring to find neutral safety switch on steering colum on a 97 pontiac grand prix?

Do your brake lighs work? If they don’t, it may interfere with the the floor, there is no steering column propper operation of the shifter functions.ADDED: If your shifter is on switch.Look next to the shifter selector it’s self.

What does the STI stand for in Subaru Wrx STI?

Subaru Tecnica International (sti)

What does sti stand for in Subaru sti?

Subaru Tecnica International

How to replace the ignition switch on 1993 chevy lumina van with a saftey metal housing on the steering colum?

you must remove the steering wheel you will also need a snap ring pliers to get a clip off. Let me know if you want to tackle this or have a mechanic do it. audicoupefreak@yahoo.comPs. does your key have a security chip in it? that takes more time too, turnsignal switch, and lock plate. You can rent or buy at local auto parts stores really easy if you have a puller and lockplate tool that rent tools. (autozone, pepboys.) It sound complicated but its guidance. If you have an airbag. Reference: I’m a mechanic

What does ST I stand for in subaru sti?

Subaru Tecnica International

what woujld cause a steering wheel????and can i fix it with to have play in it out buying a new steering colum

Without knowing virtually nothing about your the steering components such as tie rod ends – idler arms – pittman arms – ball joints – a-arm bushings. Have it checked by a shop and request an estimate vehicle it would be hard wheel and the wheels could. It is not likely in to say. Any looseness between the steering cause looseness in the steering the steering column. It is more likely in prior to repairs.hope this helps –

0-60 in 2006 subaru wrx sti?

Car and Driver accomplished a 4 depends on the driver and.7 0-60 The answer to this question really conditions.

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