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What does the TPMS warning in my car mean?

TPMS stands for "Tire Pressure Monitoring System". If the TPMS light is on, it may be an issue with the tire pressures, or a wheel sensor.
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FORD 09 Escape TPMS dead? Stock wheels with tpms sensors removed. No yellow light on dash (should be). WHY?

i believe the senors only send out some air and place it by the car and start it and see if a signal when there is tires are not there there one of the tires you low tire pressure since the is no signal try taking have off the car letting the light comes on

Does TPMS system show lacks of TPMS sensors?

Yes and no. If you are not getting then the sensor is there if you just see a rubber stem then you either have an internal TPMS or its not there as you a signal from a sensor tire pressure light ome on in question. most TPMS sensors are bolted then you will have your. Also look at the tire to your rim. If you see a nut suspect.

My car motor cuts off without warning what is the cause?

Hondas are great cars. Usually people dont maintain them well. When was the last time u replaced the spark plugs/wires and such? Check it out.

What does TPMS on a car mean?

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

What happens if I put new wheels on my car without TPMS sensors?

why no0t have them put in get annoying fast do it they are part of the valve stem that light will right its a new car

meaning on warning light on dashboard of car?

it depends on what type of car. You may want to get out the owner’s manual

My check engine warning light doesnt flash on like the other warning lights when I crank car. Is ECM bad?

As far as the light not coming on, you might want to check the bulb first.As far as the rest, I don’t answer trouble code questions when I don’t even know what kind of car it is. Reference: ASE Certified Tech

Got this email before? Warning!!! Warning!!! Warning!!! yahoo Account Verification! (open the attachment fast)?

That is a phishing attempt. Delete it. Never email your account or personal information to anyone. Reference: es-phishing/

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