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What gauge speaker wire should i use for my 3 12" subwoofers and a 1200 watt amplifier

For your subwoofers use 14 awg speaker wire, and for your 1200 watt amplifier, use 6-8 awg. The 1200 watt amp is the border line.
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what gauge of speaker wire would be best for 2 rockford 12″ P2 wired to a 1200 watt amp?

4 gauge

will 1000 watt speaker wire from a amplifier starter kit hurt a 600 watt amplifier?

no but say you use for a 2000 watt amp you’ll fry the wiring causing BIG PROBLEMOS

how do i wire three 12′ 4ohm dvc subwoofers to a hifonics brutus bxi2008d 2000watt mono amplifier?

you dont!, you get an audio spark to do it, if you don’t know what you are doing at best you’ll ruin your equipment and at worse set fire to your home! *v*

Can i use normal 8 gauge power wire as speaker wire for my subwoofers?

no its best to use a thicker type of wire.

What size speaker wire for 50 watt speakers?

18 gauge wire should carry the load without any resistance.

can you hookup 2 60 watt 4 ohm fender deville guitar amps to two 8ohm 300 watt EV12l speaker

Contact fender and ask them if their Amps can be ‘Bridged’. Most high quality amps can do this

will an Eclipse ZA1200 1200 watt amplifier accommodate 2 Kicker Solo-Baric L7 Series10″ subwoofers?

yeah it will work just fine

8 gauge for speaker wire on subwoofers?

8 gauge wire is 8 gauge fine. I’ve seen some folks go as speaker wire in high powered wire. No difference at all. You can use that just big as 4 gauge as subwoofer installs, but that’s a bit over the top. Reference: Audio engineer

what is the easiest way to hook up a 1000watt amp to 2400 watt subwoofers without pulling alot volts

You can only pull 13.5v. on down, it’s your draw amperage that’s the killer. When your 1000 watt amp similar battery (wired parallel to charge) when you’re not buzzing the beejeezus out of your trunklid, will keep your supply v. fairly stable. As a general rule, monster speakers are burned out by little amps more often than little speakers are smoked by oversize amps. If you like this hobby, research rms vs. ‘Peak’ power ratings, you’ll find your amp puts out about 200 watts actual. Know and comprehend amplifier clipping and impedence loading to avoid speaker loads that look like dead shorts to the amp. I’ve seen cars and vans with all the right gear that buzzed and sounded like crap ’cause no-one did the homework. By the way, cars that buzz, blow. Get the loose stuff sound blanketed, shimmed or tightened so I can enjoy it too, instead of listening to your goes into overload, underfeed or clipping it will need a good 100 watt sound. Some huge power caps (1 on each battery) and a backup Optima or click just to make a produce enough D.C. current in your A.C. Motors (speakers) to torch them eventually. OR they’re set up so inefficently they loose car parts.Have fun on your project, 1kw. car radios rule…

Can i connect 14 gauge wire to 12 gauge wire?

Yes you can if the circuit protection device is rated for 14 gauge wire.

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