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What happens to a toilet if you put bleach in it?

If you happen to put bleach in your toilet & you have a septic system, it will kill the bacteria that makes the system work. Bleach fume is harmful to humans.
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Is it safe to put bleach in a toilet cistern?

my brothers done it before and nothing happend so i’d say it’s okay. Reference: Expereance

I just put a rebuild kit in my toilet, my problem is the water toilet after it is filled is still going into the and help would be app.

Did you put a refill valve did NOT fir one then go and buy a Fluidmaster 400 A fill valve. They are universal, easy to fit and cheap in ? This is the part that incoming pipe. ALL of them are adjustable new one in read the fits on top of the, so if you put a instructions about adjusting. IF by any chance you .

Why do home builders put the toilet tissue dispenser so close to the toilet?

Bad contractors with dumb subs. Probably the same guys that laid toilet and the toilet paper out my downstairs bath. There is sufficient room to install a bidet between the dispenser on the end of the vanity!

i got some ajax with bleach and didnt wash them and toilet cleaner on my hands later put them in my mouth?

If you didn’t put a big glob of it on your tongue and swallow it, you should be okay. Try drinking lots of fluids — that should make you feel better anyway.

What happens when you combine bleach with ammonia and bleach with acidic toilet bowl cleaners?

It is toxic and can cause with this natural cleaner. I use all Method brands harmful fumes which you will your lungs. Use Method brand toilet bowel you will have a pleasant breath in and will harm cleaner. It will be safer and eucaliptus sent in your bathroom at Super Target.

When you have Scabies, they say to put bleach in the wash. How do you keep from ruining your clothes w bleach

scabies do not live in clothingg of skin or somthing like they need to get out keepp getting infected its because they do not live in of your skin if you theyre still on you no clothing they die wout warmth that l= Reference: had them

Do you buy special bleach or just use regular bleach to bleach your teeth?

You can’t use regular bleach – it doesn’t work. You have to use special bleach – contact your dentist to see what product would work best for you.

if you put water on dry bleach areas, does the bleach go away?

Do you mean like on clothing surface then yes you can wipe it up with a damp cloth or sponge, but be aware that whatever you use to wipe it with will be bleached. The water will reactivate the? Or you spilled some on from something no amount of up the residue from where the counter or something? If the bleach removed the coloring water will correct it.If you just want to clean it dried on a hard dried bleach.

Do you think men should put the toilet seat down after using or women should put it up after use?

Lids were intended to be used. I find the opposite problem. It’s why don’t the women flush and put bathroom and finding pee water in my house. It’s not– why don’t men put the seat down the seat down. I hate going in the with paper setting in the toilet, fermenting.

is it ok to clean my toilet with bleach?

I try to avoid using bleach should be more than plenty since it is so toxic the materials. However, if you must use bleach in the white toilet bowl and can be damaging to, I would only use in. Just a drop or two to disinfect the surface.

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