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What is a 2007 dodge Durango towing capacity

Durango towing capacity at 3,266kg. Some referenced stated that that figure was only for the 5.7 L hemi,
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does anyone know the towing capacity for a 1998 dodge durango 4×4 5.2 liter?

call a dealership and see if they can give ya a # for dodge customer service they’ll have the answer

Does anyone know the towing capabilities of a 05 Dodge Durango with a Hemi?

its around 1170 pounds with the hemi in it,and that’s not bad ,good luck. Reference: been a certified mechanic for 38 yrs now.

can you put a towing pkg. on a Dodge Durango if it doesn’t have one?

Yes you can some places sell special kits.

Will a 2003 4.7 dodge durango engine work in a 2001 dodge durango

The model years are nearly the should have many interchangeable parts. You can find out by simply calling an auto parts store and see if the replacement they have will work same except for different trim from one engine type to . But if both vehicles have packages and drive trains. If you are puling parts a different engine than no the same engine than they for both model years.

Dodge Durango SUV Camper Towing Gears?

You will need to lock out or two after any long the overdrive unless going down. The o/d clutches are very small, and can take very little towing, and allow it to cool hill, or on very level roads abuse. Have the trans svc’d every 15K or so when in neutral for a minute pull, before shutting it off. Happy travels~Dan

Towing Capacity

It will tow it’s own weight..

Is there any way to increase the towing capacity of a dodge charger?

If the boat weighs 2300 lbs weight of the trailer, boat fuel, and miscellaneous items stored on lbs. That’s too much weight for a by itself, then when you add the board the boat, you’re probably talking closer to 4000 car rated at towing only 2000 lbs.

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