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what is muric acid and what is it used for?

The word "muric" is a mispronunciation. Muriatic or Hydrochloric acid is used at home as a cleaning agent in solutions.
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How do you get the acid formula, name of acid, and “acid name” from the Anion name?

There’s no simple method that covers of nomenclature. IUPAC is the general standard, but as your example demonstrates, (which by the way, it appears to be written incorrectly a little bit, if I understand it properly), the acid name is almost exclusively called oxalic acid, and the name of the fully deprotonated ion is simply the oxalate ion. The official IUPAC nomenclature for this acid is ethanedioic acid. This comes from the fact that ethyl means a two carbon backbone, and the eth- part is used. Next the -ane designates that the bond between the carbons are single covalent bonds. Then we focus on the two carboxylic acids at either end, the di- is added to designate that there are two of these functional groups present, and with no positional numbers or symbols present, this means that there is only one way that they can be oriented on this molecule. Finally the di- needs to be referring to something, and it’s the carboxylic acid functionality, so the name used for this type of group is -oic acid. Now placing eac of these together, we get eth-ane-di-oic acid which is written as: ethanedioic acid. The formula should be written H2C2O4 without the 2- at the end when writing the acid like you were trying to do in the second formula in your question. Also, The acid formula is derived from the original ion you presented that had a formal net charge of negative two, and should be written differently as well to avoid confusion as [C2O4] 2- or possibly even (C2O4)^2-,. This allows the charge to be separated from the number of oxygen atoms, so it doesn’t look like a single oxygen with a negative 42 charge, as it stands! That’s about it, for answering your question. I hope it was helpful all cases. Some names are the classic a large set of rules full here, and others are shortened versions or traditional style names, other are systematically compiled using, too long to explain in or combinations of other versions information!

Hydrochloric acid , a strong acid , is added to a beaker of pure water.

Pure water has a pH = 7. Adding HCl will increase the hydrogen causes the pH to go ion concentration. HCl will break apart into H+ and Cl- in aqueous solution. The increase in hydrogen ion concentration down (the actual value depend on the concentration of the acid.)

need to how to fix garage floors that I ruined trying to clean the garage floors with muric acid?

You have opened up the very should come out fine.You can also have a cement service put on a thin topping coat but they have to really know what they are doing. It has to be a real pro. Possibly an older German type would have more ability than us born.You use special glue and apply a topping mix that will look like new.You will have to contact many people before you find one who understands and can do top layer so it is.You can fix this by having and grind it down about now very rough and streaky a grinding survice come in 1/8 of an inch and it it.

I have 90% Acetic Acid – I require Glacial Acetic acid i am wanting to know Glacial Acetic Acid or do if my 90% acetic Acid will suffice for I need to purchase Glacial

It depends entirely on it’s intended use(s). For instance, in the synthesis of acetic, in fact it will proceed very slowly without it! the polar water molecules cannot remove the proton to form the hydronium ion [H20] + [H]+ ==>[ H3O]+ and acetate ([H3CCO2]-, or simply abbreviate it [Ac]-), So it has virtually zero acid strength at this concentration, (or base potential really!)but when dry many new organic reactions open up for your future! (and be careful, don’t breath the vapors, smelling in chemistry requires wafting, and safety equipment like goggles are vital in such unfamiliar territory!) Download a MSDS to read up on the hazards of Glacial Acetic Acid. Best wishes MattNaughtin! IMAGE: Fire diamond for Glacial Acetic acid. Acetic acid that has absorbed moisture from the air and no longer forms solid crystalline needles at room temperature! Glacial Acetic Acid in the anhydride or using the molecule a grinyard reagent – No way! Anhydrous nearly 100% is required. (distill with sulfuric acid, possibly even try copper sulfate metal alkali to produce a in the process of developing!). If your reacting it with a coordinate covalent organic complex, then water is just fine white crystalline form.

formulas of acids hydrocholoric acid?chloric acid? nitric acid? carbonic acid? sulfurous acid?phosphoric acid?

An acid does not have to same thing. Hydrochloric acid is HCl, Chloric acid is HClO3, Nitric acid is HNO3, Carbonic acid is H2CO3, Sulfurous acid is H2SO3, and Phosphoric acid is H3PO4 contain hydrogen. That is only the Arrhenius that can accept an electron do both contain hydrogen though definition. An acid is any substance pair in a reaction. Hydrochloric acid and chloric acid, but they are not the.

Can hypophosphoric acid be formed when HCl is added to phosphoric acid

No, I don’t believe it can, gbonger. And even if does produce ion, the dibasic form would appear to be the more favorable when using the strong chloride mineral acid, and sodium or potassium would one of the only contaminants theoretically. Other than that it would require a phosphorus oxide to produce hypophosphoric acid. It would be dangerous, especially if you were to succeed! You should only be attempting such a reaction after fully, researching and understanding it. And it must be preformed under a proper laboratory environment. Safety equipment is vital, since hypophosphoric acid can be some rather corrosive acid. Finally, you should be aware that while I am uncertain of the laws in other countries, in the US hypophosphoric acid is a listed substance on the DEA watch list (category 1), and while it may not apply if you are not PURCHASING the substance, or if your have adequate cause for it’s legal use, it still may not be pleasant to have the added possibility that someone has taken notice and believes you intend to use it as a precursor to an illicit substance some hypophosphoric acid, the yield would be very products of the side reactions sodium or potassium salt of low compared to the undesirable. It would likely require a one of the three hypophosphoric.

what are sensory properties of food acids (citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, ascorbic acid,acetic acid)?

You can smell and taste them. You could also feel the acid on your skin or tongue.

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