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What is some home remedies for removing crayon off of a painted wall?

WD-40 works really well to remove crayon on painted walls. Simply spray a little of the product onto a cleaning cloth or paper towel. Wipe over the marks.
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How do you get crayon off of a painted wood grain wall?

Orange blast from Wal-Mart is a degreaser and shouldn’t hurt the paint. I have also used the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for other marks on my walls and it works well too.

What will take off black crayon from off white flat painted wall?

Ohhh my gosh. If you haven’t tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, you are missing something big as a mom of a toddler. I have four boys, and it takes ANYTHING off the walls (pen, crayon, pencil, dirty hand marks, etc). Reference: Mother of four boys ages 9, 7, 5, AND 4.

What are some home remedies for removing zits?

Regular asparin..crushed ad a drop of water up..butt also brings down swelling and make a paste aply…not only does it dry it redness

Are are some good home remedies for removing a Mole on the face?

Prepare cauliflower juice in a blender remove the bandage next morning. Make fresh pineapple juice daily. Apply the juice to the moles until they weaken and disappear. Rub castor oil on the moles gently for few days until they gradually weaken and disappear. Apply honey on the moles daily. Wash the moles with hot water five to six times a day. Let your skin dry, then apply cider vinegar to your moles with cotton swabs. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Make juice from fig stems (if you can find any in your area) and apply it daily to the moles until they vanish. Grind some coriander leaves into paste and apply on the moles for a few days. You can use a mole remover. Hope these tips might help you. Rub the juice on your peels off naturally. Grind a few pieces of garlic moles and cover it with moles daily until the skin into a paste. Apply the paste on your a bandage. Do this at night and.

How to wash crayon off glass window and a wall painted with a flat paint?

get a magic eraser; _ylt=AmcQHn1pg407z7iX0fDCw2Hsy6IX;_ylv=3 ?qid=20090723043656AA7UTrG

Are there any home remedies or herbal remedies for nausea?

Ginger- if you can get (or have any) candied ginger, chewing on it will help. (I think you just add gingeroot to a cup of tea?)Mint- Fresh mint may be hard to get ahold of, but there are mint teas (Lipton’s is good) and those have helped me.Chamomile teaBaking soda- add to water and drink (It should say how much to use on the box)Eating some crackers and sipping on warm lemon-lime sodaI’ve tried, all of these except for adding ginger to tea, at some point in my life and they’ve all helped….even the crackers and soda. Hope your tummy feels better. The big drawback with it’t last long, but it DOES help. I know you can also ginger but I don’t know how to do that make a tea with ground is that the relief dosen soon!

How do i get wall paper off that has been painted over?

There is a retail product called induces small holes deep enough to penetrate the surface but not so deep that you will require extensive wall repair afterward. The only drawback is it may not penetrate through extensive ‘Paper Tiger’ which removes the wallpaper easily paint stores. Paer Tiger is a hand of pins attached to wheels. It it sold at most held tool that had hundreds. Rolling it over the walls layers of paint.

Home-remedies for Crayon on furniture?

Magic Eraser, just test it on a part no one sees first to make sure it does not scrub off the finish. I love Magic Erasers!

Removing crayon marks from carpeting? (specifically, Crayola Beginnings Washable Crayon)?

If it isn’t a waxy product, it can’t hurt to try rubbing alcohol, or even nail polish remover with acetone. Try an inconspicuous area first to test how the carpet reacts.

Blisters in a freshly painted wall

No i’m afraid those blisters will not time even on new work someone ate a sub and touched the wall. i’ll tell you how to fix this. first let the wall dry a full day. then with a new razor knife put just enough pressure to cut the paint and peal off the bad spot. then get a can of spray kills hit it twice in a wide spray pattern. let dry and skim with mud if neccasary. then paint. but if you used mud go away on thier own grease on it that you. lemme guess there are 4. the wall had oil or couldn’t detect even before the primer in a pattern? i see it all the prime once more.

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