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what is the allowed mileage for a uhaul?

The gas mileage of a U-Haul truck depends on the category of truck rented. If you rented a U-Hail, rates are not adjusted for early drop off or lower mileage.
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What kind of gas mileage does a fully loaded 26 foot Uhaul truck get?

about 8 miles per gallon if its running good


No.. I haven’t heard about them till now.sounds interesting ..

I want to rent a uhaul to move furniture. do i haveta pay for the gas in addition to the rental and mileage?

yesif you dont return the truck with a full tank of to refilll it and they per gallon then what you gas they will charge you usually charge a lot more would pay at a stationB.

I have a good high mileage to sell because of mileage vehicle for sale but hard does any 1 no buyers

How high is the mileage?What Country is it in?What City is it in?What year is it?What make is it?What model is it?How much do you want for it?

Can a person put a car backwards when traveling and stringing along by a UHaul truck to prevent mileage?

Old cars would wind off miles, but both directions wind it on now and have for a few decades.

If you rent a Uhaul truck do you have to return it back to uhaul or can your friend?

If the money or security deposit is in your name or YOU have to return the place. You have to sign paperwork on your credit card then uhaul to the nearest uhaul releasing you from the truck that you rented.

i have super safe move insurance on muddy dirt road Uhaul / UHaul i took wrong turn says my error is it true?

is it U-Hauls fault that the road was not marked? you were the one who went into the ditch Reference: p

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