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What is the best homemade vagina-like thing to masterbait with

Must be 18+: Males to masturbate with are baby oil and condoms. Condoms add sensation.
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What is the weirdest thing that guys masterbait with?

Most guys apparently use their finger the bath with soap applied for increased slipperiness. but the most pleasure comes from varying the intensity of the contact and starting very delicately and gradually working through feel-feel, jerk-jerk and pull-pull stages to crescendo and maximum holding pressure applied just prior to the ectasy. But weirdness associated with male masturbation is not really about what guys ‘do it with’ but the weirdness of the bizarre thoughts in their warped minds during the action. One case I learnt about on this website was a guy who gained his enjoyment from allowing himself to be trounced and humiliated in some game like chess after betting his victor a big sum that he would win, but making secret deliberate mistakes to make sure he was beaten and humiliated. Doing that apparently gave him a fabulous orgasm he considered worth whatever he paid his victor. That is homosexual masochism and it certainly is extremely ‘weird’, as you so eloquently put it? Rather less pleasant to talk about,, but equally if not more ‘weird’ are cases of homosexual or homophobic or heterosexual sadists who apparently get a very pleasurable orgasm from doing into the body of somebody they have raped and terrified or even killed – which is certainly very ‘weird’, but sadly something that does seem to happen. Homophobic male to gay male loner rapes after some innocent young gay guy is picked up in a male restroom leading to the rapist’s self sexual gratification into the mouth or anus of the male victim when he is absolutely terrified and in agony, being among the weirdest and most disgustingly horrendous of such but it seems most make enlarged pumped up bit of between the two ot in themself with their sheet in contact between finger and their incidents!

Do girls masterbait as much as guys do?

I don’t think women masturbate as much of month when they are as men for the simple needing to ejaculate. It’s just their biology. Women on the other hand go there for may masturbate more reason that men are constanting through a monthly cycle and during ovulation or the times most fertile and horny.

Does anyone know of a homemade cream for tightening the vagina?

lol less sex oughtta do it

I saw my MALE teacher masterbait..?

You have some sick fantasies

Hi dear doctors actually i have sex 10 days ago ,so i used condom ,and protect sex as anal ,vagina ,but i didn’t use some thing in oral sex .so 10 da

First off I give you credit you used a condom. Anything can happen, so take one to be sure. Other than that, your period might be on its way and that is causing these symptoms. You may also be getting a cold, I suggest you wait until you period comes and see what happens. If you are really worried you should go see a doctor because stressing isn’t any better for your health for using protection in the catch a STD by oral would take a pregnancy test sexual intercourse you had. The thing is you can sex to. Just to make sure I to be 100% your not pregnant even though.

Boil like thing on vagina?

you need to go to doctor..Now :O !

Homemade apple pie with cinnamon, or a hot fudge sundae with homemade whipped cream.

home-made apple pie with cinnamon, topped off by home-made whipped cream(add cinnamon to it as well..) YUM!!!

i have pimple-looking thing on my vagina?

If you’re concerned, ask about it at the doc. You should be going to the doc if you’re sexually active anyway.

can i be pregnant?from his thing touching my vagina?

I don’t think so….I think you need to have to join you cells thats how become pregnant otherwise no…also if you had your period it might be likely but the chances are 50/100 so yh not likely you should calm down….if your feeling that way check up with a doctor…it doesn’t matter doctors are good and sex a couple of times pregnant when your cells meet that you get pregnant just and then you can get. this is really not usual because of that you need they can help you…^-^ hope i helped…

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