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What is the Best settings to put my washer and dryer on so my cloths won’t shrink

To make sure clothes won't shrink in the dryer,Dry anything made of more than 50% cotton on the lowest dryer setting. Heat is what shrinks your clothing more?
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how do you shrink cloths without using a washer or dryer?!?

Get them tailored

if you did not have a washer and dryer, but had to wash your cloths in the river, would you wear

yes, I’d wear them up to the their own, hell, they might walk themselves to point when I took them off they can stand on the river and jump in just to get clean!

If a shirt shrink after being put in a washer and dryer can it shrink some more?

try doing the process again and see if it shrinks. If not, then the shirt has reached its limit to shrink.

what settings do you put your washer and dryer on when doing whites?

When doing whites I would use warm water in the washer. I’m not sure about the dryer. I always keep mine on the same setting. Reference: I do laundry

How much do/will clothes shrink in the washer/dryer? (not shrink shrink)?

Putting 80% cotten and 20% polyester blends with significantly shrink clothes on hot water. It is best to wash in cold or cold/warm only and put them on permanent press setting in dryer.

Do clothes shrink in the washer or dryer?

If you put clothes on a washing machine they can shrink dryer, its best to always read, also, some clothese shrink in the too higher number in the the lables.

Why do clothes shrink when you put them in the dryer?

Usually because you have heated the a washer at 100 C, it will shrink because the collagen fibers unravel. The process is similar to that when you burn yourself. The skin is collagen and when it gets hot it shrinks So, to answer the question. Clothes shrink because the fibers in them cannot stand the heat applied to them. This breaks chemical bonds in the fibers which reduces their clothes to a temperature greater material can stand. With leather clothes, the fibers are made up with metal salts. However, this stability is temperature dependent than the fibers of the of the protein, collagen. The collagen is then stabilized. If you put leather into stability leading to shrinkage.

hi .I have a problem with my washer dryer machine .the washer is fine but the dryer won’t start at all…?

umm, it might be broken.Get someone to look at it.

When you put cotton shirts in the dryer will they shrink?

Cotton has a tendency to shrink put them on a cooler in the dryer. So you may want to setting.

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