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What is the best thing to clean carpet

The best way to clean carpet is with a spray bottle of water and vinegar, in addition to hard work and elbow grease
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Is there such a thing as something to clean up messes on the carpet?

Nature’s Miracle is what i use it truly is a

Wat is the best thing to clean up white wine on carpet?

Red wine

What is that new thing to help clean carpet stains it’s small and it’s only big enough to fit in your hand.?

get a rage and soap it should come right out

Is there any such thing as carpet dye to change colors of the carpet?

Since you need to clean a carpet regardless of it’s color, why not just clean the one you have? Just because you can’t see the filth as easily doesn’t mean it’s not there.

what’s the best thing to do to clean my carpet? I hear steaming is bad? I have cats and pee areas. thanks?

It’s best in the long run wasn’t cleaned IMMEDIATELY after the pee happened. Cat urine is a tricky to buy your own steam your carpet where cats have carpet. There’s no way you are getting cleaner/chemicals. Furthermore, if you have spots on urinated, it’s best to just replace the the smell out if it little devil.

What is the best way to clean berber carpet?

It’s relative easy to clean Berber regular basis and cleaning stains as they happen. If you do this, then the Berber carpet will right away or as soon carpet by vacumning on a be easy to maintain.

How do you clean vomit out of carpet?

Vomit has an awful smell that possible for best results, before the smell gets time to soak into the carpet. Wipe up the vomit using kitchen roll, removing as much vomit as you can, you will need to use both hands for this and will probably want to wear rubber gloves if you have them. Put the kitchen roll or paper into an old carrier bag, tie the top and place in the rubbish bin outside, to keep nasty smells to a minimum. Get some warm soapy water and lightly scrub the area where the vomit was, then use more kitchen roll to absorb as much as the water as possible, you can use an old towel for this if you like. Spray the area with a disinfectant spray if you have or dilute some liquid disinfectant and wash the area again, use more kitchen roll or an old towel to absorb the excess liquid. To help to remove all odours of the vomit and the disinfectant, you can sprinkle the area with a good layer of bicarbonate of soda and leave for a few hours or overnight before vacuuming up, this is best done when the carpet is dry, so that the soda doesn’t clog. If you apply the bicarbonate of soda before the carpet has dried, you will need to wait until it has dried before you can vacuum it up. Follow these steps and your carpet should be clean and odour free. I hope that my answer is of some help to you can linger on carpets for properly. If someone does vomit on remove it as quickly as the carpet you need to ages if not cleaned up.

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