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what is the best wood to make a traditional long bow out of

Depending on how you're going to use the traditional longbow, the best ones are yew, ash, bamboo, lemonwood, and hickory woods.
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can I use black locust wood to make a traditional bow?

Black Locust was used a lot before, so I know there’s some out there. I’m not sure how much though by most of the South make bows out of. Just watch out for the the bark. There’s still plenty of people who Eastern Native American tribes to little thorns that grow on use it. I’ve seen Osage Orange in WV, lol.

What is the best wood for making a bow?

Osage is generally taken to be works as a general rule; some bows are even made of Ivory or Bone. Also, if a back material is to be used it makes the species less important as certain backings will prevent even the most brittle peices from breaking. Moisture content is also important: 12% is ideal. The outtermost wood (sapwood) is the back, the innermost (heartwood) is the belly. A good log about seven feet long split with wedges into eight to sixteen wedge-blanks and dried flat will get the best but I have and the integrety of the than any specific species. Soft-Woods DO NOT WORK so that growth rings (at least one complete grain-line from tip to tip) are more important to consider found that any tight-grained hard-wood is suitable. The quality of the peice you started well. Try white oak to start!

Whats the easiest way to make a long bow, short bow, recurve bow, or compound bow that shoots at least 50 yds?

I know aspen makes the best bow wood.. But to see how to make one find an american boys handbook. Reference: I’ve made my own before but its a long process to write out

What kind of bow do you think is best straight bow or compound bow?

It depends on how you wish to use one. For the accuracy and ease winner. If you wish to use challenge then go with a one for pure talent and a compound by far is recurve or long bow.

How long does a chord of wood last in a typical wood burning furnace?

It depends on so many things it in a wood stove. How much area are you it? Are you going to not much in and out of heating? How hot do you like burn on warm days? Probably also depends on how doors traffic you have, and whether you are burning or a fire place.

How do you make a bow?

Bend your waist 90 degree forward

Which tools would be the most useful for making a traditional bow out of wood? Where can I buy them?

AAWWW,You already knew what tools you for closer to 60.00 unless you catch a pre-Christmas Craftsman tool sale!Great project by the way – good luck and have fun needed!You’ve done some homework already!You can get all of these 50.00, total.Try a store such as Lowe or hardware stores. Sears has these tools too tools locally for less than’s, Ace Hardware, or your local lumber company – although they might get you with that. Reference: Merry Christmas!

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