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What is the book value of a 1992 ford explorer 4door 4wheel drive

The Blue Book suggested retail value of the 1992 Ford Explorer is $1,800 - $1,875. Fuel economy: 16 - 17 / 21 - 22 mpg.
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What is the difference in a 2002 4wheel drive Ford Expedition and the 02 4wheel eddie bauer edition?

Eddie Bauer usually has things like equipment. The Eddie Bauer additions usually power everything, leather seats, sunroof, Just the luxurys and the name. Really no difference, as far as quality of have upgrades and cost more.

Will a 2 wheel drive ford transmission fit a 4wheel drive truck

Someone has taken the aod out aod back in can i and replaced it with a c6. I want to put a use a 2wheel drive tranny.

How do I repair drive shaft on 1992 ford explorer?

Buy a new or used driveshaft back of the truck, reverse procedure to install, total time to do this, jack the truck up in hold the rear of the, and slide the front of the back, block front wheels, remove the four bolts that driveshaft to the rear differential the driveshaft out toward the less than half hour. Reference: ase master certified technician

Will a 2×2 1999 ford explorer 4.0 motor and transmission fit in a 4×4 1992 ford explorer?

It may, but you will have a major computer mismatch.

Will a 1992 ford explorer transmission fit onto a 1993 ford explorer

Yes it should fit

1992 ford explorer 4 wheel drive not working?

No, we really can not tell gets into the contacts and needs to be cleaned out.Clean that motor and hope that you what is going on electronic 4wds is the transfer dirty and crusted up over.But, one common issue on those case motor contracts getting all time and all that junk works.

Where is the fuse and relay located on a 1999 ford 4wheel drive larriette?

Here is a link to the owners manual for your ford truck the fuse locations and i.d.s are on pages 150-155, it is free to download the pdf. ntent/~WOXF12/~MUS~LEN/36/99f12og1e.pdf

Brake question on a 1992 ford explorer 4 wheel drive?

Im thinking you have a bad bind, and when you put it wheel bearing or ball joint putting the rotor into a into 4wd that really locks it up

has any one ever had an suv that remains in 4wheel experience with a 4wheel drive drive after shifting it back?

With many 4wd vehicles, after you shift out of 4wd, to disengage the 4wd, you need to BACK UP for about 10 feet. The backing up disengages the 4wd mechanism.Best wishes and good luck.

Will a 1992 4×4 ford explorer transmission fit onto a 1993 4×4 ford explorer

Yes they will as long as they both have the 4 have a 94 explorer that the transmission right now lol.0l motor in them cause i I am having trouble with and any 4×4 transmission from 91 – 94 will interchange ok? good luck to you

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