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What is the most effective way 2 get rid of roaches

Placing Combat roach traps in corners of your house can be effective. Also try diatomaceous earth.
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Has anyone ever used Riddex to get rid of mice or roaches, and is it effective?

to get rid of the roaches put any kind of hot water and spray it in wont go any where near sauce in a spraybottle with the problem area… they hate hot sauce and a place that has it.

What is the best way to get rid of roaches by yourself?

Glue traps! Find some glue trap boxes water close by. The glue traps sure beat spraying poisons around your house. The only problem with roaches is it really depends on your neighbors. If you live in a ‘roach hotel’ apartment building, you can’t get rid of them. If you live in a house and your neighborhood is infested, you’ll need to have the perimeter of you house sprayed occasionally by a professional with a repellent just to keep them at a ‘dollar’ store and buy a bunch bait strip inside already, but throw in some small. Put them in cupboards, under the sink, behind the refrigerator, in the bathroom, anywhere there is food or bits of foods scraps anyway of them. They usually come with a out.

What is a good an effective way of getting rid of roaches, ants, and spiders?

I have an exterminator for those nasty pests and never see any. Reference: Terminix

How do you get rid roaches?

Roach spray (a variety of them out there ones currently there. We had an apartment in North Jersey where every other apartment in the building had them, we didn’t, thanks mostly to the insane compulsion my husband had for shoving steel wool in every, check your hardware store), roach motels, block any small spaces coming, heating etc. with steel wool. Its the one thing that you get rid of the keeps new ones out after into your apartment around pipes little crevice! Good luck!

How effective is digital pest repellent to rid of roaches and mice?

Do not waste your money. Those same devices came out clean off they’re legs there by in jesting the boric acid powder. The boric acid powder kills the gut bacteria. There in the insect starves to death. Ohter roachs will eat said dead roach and the boric acid doe’s it’s work again.Roachs can not smell boric acid. As for mice and rats look for a poision that the ‘ poision is Vitimin based. I can’t recall at this time but have used it in the 30 years ago, didn’t work then and still don( POWDERED form) etc. with the bait in the the food, jam,meat etc. powder clings to legs and’t. Insects don’t have ‘ears’, Vermin don’t care. Boric acid is safe, look it up. Put it on a plate middle, insects walk thru it get feet. They trot off and then past, same with the B.A.

How do you get rid of roaches?

Clean up anything food, crumbs, that may be laying around. spray outside your house, and inside your house. paying a professional to do it not nesisary you can get any grocery or home store the spray and products at for you is preferred but.

How the heck do you get rid of German Roaches (food roaches)?

Having roaches has nothing to do them in all the cabinets and drawers,around the microwaves and stove,refrigerator also.Call a local pest control company and try to buy a bag of Maxforce roach stations.They come about 72 in a bag that should solve your problem or you can ask them how much they charge to control the problem but get a couple of bids and make sure they offer with a spotless house, they can eat on soap. If these are German roaches do it yourself is to,cigarette butts all kinds of things the best thing if you buy roach baits and put some type of warranty. Hope that helps

Most effective way to kill roaches?

It will work fine. The roaches will be attracted to it, eat it and die.

Is boric acid and sugar effective against roaches?


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