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What is the quarter mile track time for a stock Corvette z06

no info on that. But Chevrolet Corvette Z06's HP is 385 hp @ 6000 rpm, fuel tank cap: 18.5 gal, and range in miles (cty/hwy): 314.5/481.0 mi.
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who would win in a quarter mile race? the new Z06 stock or a Nascar car?

Z06. NASCAR is setup for high speeds for 500 miles not a drag race. They have only a 4 speed and narrow tires.

what is 0 to 60 and quarter mile times for stock L82 1979 corvette

1979ChevroletCorvette L82Zero to 60-7.3Quarter mile-15.7

the cost comparison of a 91 Intregra VS 85 Camaro when i want a 12 second quarter mile track time?

The Camaro can be easily fitted a 350 or 383 short block as you would want to replace the heads and manifolds to make even more power. No sense buying parts you don’t need.I would start with a 383 short block. GO to the Summit Racing website and search for item number MLL-BP3830. This will cost about $2000. Then search the Summit Racing website for item number EDL-2097. This is a top end kit. This will cost about $1840. This combination will make well over 435 horse power and over 435 ft lbs torque. Plenty to put a Camao solidly into the 12′s.The Integra would take more money and effort to make it hit the 12 second bracket with a V8. The Gen I small block modify to make big power power crate motor for the Chevy is relatively inexpensive to.You can get a 300 horse Camaro for about $2000. But I would start with.

What is the stock 0-60 mph and quarter mile time of a 1998 3.8L V6 Camaro?

stock times are, 16 seconds and 7 seconds. just add the tenths.kenny, uhh ls1′s are low 13′s to high 12′s stock. and stop whining and bitching banging geo storm, many ppl whine like you v8 or the v6 but about a v6. your mostly driving a 3 do about v6s dont own usually a honda or slower…how sad.

2005 srt4 quarter mile time?

Low 14′s to high 13′s depending on air temperature, track conditions, driver, fuel octane, etc… with a few well thought out the high 12′s in the quarter mile. Faster than that and you break the piggy bank… can you say Turbo Charged are going to have to modifications you can get into!

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