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What is the strongest gear in a car?

It depends on the car but usually the second gear is the strongest gear.
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An automatic car has a gear called D for Drive. What is the DL gear for?

Is it possible your car says a very steep hill. D1 has more power but less speed then D2 and D2 has more power but less speed then D. Then sometimes there’s a D with a circle around it. That’s over-drive for freeway use. It has the least power but the highest speed and D1 and it just looks higher gears (lower in number). D1 would be like first. It’s used towing something or climbing gear on a manual transmission like Dl?Drive 1 and Drive 2 are optimal gas use.

My car won’t go into gear when the car is on, but will go shift into gear when the car is off?

Have the gear box and transmission checked. Check the fluids as well.

When you are downshifting in a manual transmission car, can you downshift from say 5th gear to 2nd gear?

No. You could blow up your go through them all, or just let the car roll to the stop in neutral then go to 1st engine. I mean if your at to go from 3rd to red light sure you could a stop and you want 1st or whatever at a, but I still like to.

When you put your car in second gear in an automatic transmission, do you start in 2nd or 1st gear

Unless you car is 20 somthing P ,unless your car is seriously stolen start unless in N or years old a car wont or really hammered

if my car is off and putting the gear shifter in i start messing around and gear is it bad for my gears?

does not hurt it unless you r smashing it in and out.

While traveling on the highway my. Tried to put my car into gear and it would not move.What would you suggest i do car actually stop accelerating i of the highway and raised pulled over on the side the hood and saw smoke

Sounds like the transmission has a leak, check the fluid with the engine running. If you have to add fluid, check under the transmission to locate the leak.

While driving car, like v raise our gear 4rm 1-2-3-4-5 , does d same rule is applicable while lowering gear ?

you put a terrific strain on the engine and gearbox

What does it mean when a of highway gear and will manual trans car pops out not stay in gear by itself anymore

YIKES! your gear teeth are too new. sorry for you matebad sync usually makes it hard worn. that’s bad. thats a tranny rebuild, if you want to use fourth gear. or a new tranny, if the vehicle is too to put into gear – it doesn’t usually pop it out of gear. that’s been my experience, but hey i’m no tranny mechanic

Can’t always get car to go into gear

Check transmission fluid levels,and if it’s a standard also check clutch fluid levels.

When a manual car is in neutral gear, is engine power transmitted to the gear box?

No. The engine is decoupled from the transmission when the gear shift is in neutral.

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