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What kind of bulbs do most lava lamps use?

A regular incandescent bulb is used as the source for both light and heat in a lava lamp.
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What bulbs are used in Mathmos lava lamps?

Try and search all their 10 watt bulbs to see if they’ve got what you need.

What is the lava in lava lamps made of?

It’s wax

where can i find cheap lava lamps, plasma lamps, and LED lamps in Toronto?


have 2 lava lamps, old and new, does anyone know what kind of fluid is in those? either or?

not sure is it lava lol

i want a webkinz lava lamps any kind :) ?

ya i have the super rare their webkinz i want lava red one too! um does any one know why every one is naming lamps or lava lover or some thing like that?

Lava lamps or Lava soap? Which invention has made the biggest difference in your life?

Lava Gel!

What is the lava stuff in lava lamps?

I have written an article on mineral oil — which is colorless — and colored water. They don’t mix and so they produce site: -by-making-crafts/ The secret is the combination of making this on the Wizzley that interesting effect.

If Alaskans used molten lava as an energy resource, couldn’t they light the State with lava lamps?

Wonk wonk wonnnnnnk!

What kind of light bulbs does touch lamps uses?

Just ordinary ones. It is the actual lamp that works the touch system. Although you must use the correct wattage bulb as recommended by the manufacturer.

Light bulbs? I bought a new lamps ( online ). What kind and where can I get them?

Home Depot sells a wide variety: medium is the size of the standard incandescent bulb screw in, candelabra is the size of the screw in bulbs like in some outdoor Christmas bulb strings or ornaments you put in the window. Next is wattage: where you want a 25W or equivalent (9Watt) CFL (compact fluorescent). Then there are ornamental types like the globe I mentioned which is more for dressing mirrors, some ceiling fan ornamentals, etc. and the flame shape for things like chandeliers, etc. Quite often you can find the CFL in ornamental shapes too. You can find what you want at Home Depot and of bulbs. B25W is more or less compact fluorescent equivalent. I’ve found the CFL in the. There are two important specs in a standard 25W bulb, 9W CFL is probably the typical mini-twist type and the globe type bulbs. One is the base size similar stores, maybe even WalMart,

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