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What makes water bead up on car

Car wax, when applied properly to a clean car, prevents water from penetrating to the surface of the car. This causes the water to form beads.
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why does water bead up on a water proof jacket?

because its waterproof…

I am looking for a bead artist that makes bracelets using glass buckeye beads.

When bead how do you tie string to bead cap?

Try using a crimp bead on to keep the bead cap the end of the string in place.

How can I make the car shine so good that it makes people look at my car?

After washing it have it claybarred and waxed. clay bar removes all the orange peel, swirls and makes it look wet

what makes a plant grow faster? tap water,botteled water , flavored water and fertilized water?

tap water is fine, but fetilized water is better, because it contains many necessary nutients for a plant to grow such as nitrates and nitrites.

When car is not holding water in intake tank for coolant and water

You need to replace the tank and hoses

Whats a good name for a company that makes one-off bead jewelry for Fair-Trade ?

Revolution or RevolutionsI hope these look good and apt.. Think !!!!!

Where can I get a atmospheric water generator, a machine that makes water from air?

Try this link…this company says they’re developing one for sale in 2008. Good luck!

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