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What power specification subwoofer amp should i use for 2 12" 1262w infinity reference subwoofers?

Infinity 1262W 12" Dual 4 Ohm Power Handling: Peak: 1200 watts. RMS: 300 watts. Impedance: 2 Ohms.
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wire infinity amp 1600a to 2 12 subwoofer 1262w infinity?The amp is 2 channel 2 or 4 ohms and the subwoofer?

you don’t say if the amp is, the subs are wired 4 ohms but the amp will see them as 2 ohms per side, which is a safe way of operating. If the amp is 1 ohm stable then wire the subs at 2 ohms and then parallel them . Make sure the amp is 1 ohm stable or damage will result and warranty may be void. good luck and have fun bridgeable,so here goes. wire the subs 2 ohm stable bridged then wire the them together, bridge the amp and run and 1 per channel. If the amp is 2ohm subs 2 ohm then series it at 2 ohms Note. Reference: car radio technician 30 yrs or so.

wire infinity amp 1600a to 2 12 subwoofer 1262w infinity?The amp is 2 channel 2 or 4 ohms and the subwoofer8?

well you can only get a 4 ohm load out of negative spot on the amp positive on amp. Here is a site that those 8 ohm subs. wire both negatives to the and both positives to the can show you if you are still lost ofer_wizard.asp?submitted=true&woofer_qt y=2&woofer_imp=2

I need a replacement speaker for my 12′ infinity powered subwoofer. What and where do I go?

I got a good deal on. There are a bunch of​+subwoofer&category0= 12′ Infinity subs on sale now an Infinity sub at EBayGood luck and God bless

Which Amp For 2 Infinity Reference Subwoofers?

Well, sell the amp and replace it with what? Nothing worth while for that much money. Stick to what you have until you can invest $500 for a good Kicker D class amp.

Which amp do I need for a Infinity reference 12″ subwoofer?

ok just get any amp that so this is the best way to go tyeah you wont be getting max performance but its ok right or just get an amp that can handle 300 watts rms constant power tto your subs watts but you said that this is the amount of although the sub handles 1250 you dont want mad bass is 800 watts

How to wire jbl car amp to 2 12′ subwoofers

If the amp is 2 channel you can wire them one speaker per channel. or bridge the amp mono and wire the subs series. + to – to + to –

Can you wire a single voice coil subwoofer and a dual voice coil subwoofer to a single channel amp?

hookem up in series

what is the best and most powerful amp to power 4 infinity reference speakers?

wow, that’s a seriously wide open question’s GOOD quality with ample power.A few that might be considered the ‘best’ and ‘most powerful’…Zapco C2K-4.0X $1310–Z apco-Competition-4-Ch-600-Watt-Amplifier .htmMcintosh MCC204 $1,130– McIntosh-4-3-2-Ch-200-Watt-Power-Amplifi er.htmFocal 4.75 $750 ––F ocal-4-Ch-4×75-Watt-RMS-Power-Amplifier. htmNow, if you want something that AND reasonably priced — these might be more to your liking…Alpine pdx-4.100 _Alpine+PDX-4.100.htmlBoston Acoustics GT-475 6_Boston+Acoustics+GT-475.htmlMTX TC4004 _MTX+Audio+TC4004.htmlPolk PA500.4 7_Polk+Audio+PA500.4.html

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