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What should i check if the pump on my toilet keeps running but water is already full in it

Check the toilet flapper. They are prone to wearing down and dry-rotting or degrading over time.
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Why is my toilet bubbling and bathtub full of waste water after running the washing machine?

There’s probably a blockage further down your sewer line. If you are on city utilities, call the city! This sort of thing happened at my house, so I’m sorry you’re having to go through it.

1999 Dodge Dakota Running Hot even after replacing Radiator, Water Pump, and Thermostat. What’s next to check?

220 still sounds hot. have you checked your fan inside the block. when you replaced the radiator, you didnt overfill or undefill. i dont know if you electric, but check them out. also, is your antifreeze still good time too. the only other thing i have a clutch fan or? it looses its effectiveness over can think of is….. a blockage in the ports???Hope this helps!

My neighbors well pump wont pump up water. He came home and it was running and he had no water still doesn’t?

well is dry, or the line is froze, is it a deep well pump? in the well ? shallow well pump? [above ground] Reference: maint man

How do you fix a toilet that has the water running constantly?

You have a center over flow the market i can only guess at what you have if you have a float type [ it will have a 4 inch ball on a long rod ] follow it back to the valve should be a scerw on top turn it clockwise to make it shut off sooner set so that water level i/2 inch below pipe ===the second thing is caloled a flapper valve [ it is aboutn 3 inch round and sets over the large hole in bottom of tank ] the flapper is connected to the flush handel by a chain when it go bad it will leak water into bowlit is easy to replace pickup one at any hardware store walmart home depot or lowes —lowes has pamplets for toilet fixes anyway a flapper is normaly a slip on item===with out a full description i can only guess at your pipe in the tank if the edge of the pipe high and needs to be you see water flowing over the water level is too adjusted ===there are several different valves on system good luck

water was running in my toilet so I replaced the fill valve after that the water is still running?


How does one test a toilet (at home) for leaking? 1 hr after toilet is flushed u can still hear water running?

add some food coloring to the tank and you’ll see it in the bowl.

Our water pump wasn’t working and my sister flushed the toilet and the water was black with fine dirt? Why?

Stab in the dark, but perhaps the lack of to your toilet supply. Also, if you have a bladder tank, maybe the ‘dirt’ is the bladder starting to incoming water pressure caused some your tank to make its; something about the layout of sediment that was settled in way into the house plumbing your plumbing steered the particulate wear away. This is pure speculation…..

1999 grand am running hot coolant runs out. Why? Thermostat? Water Pump? There is no leak in the radiator. Help!

Does the cooling fan run? it might also be a bad radiator cap .

Will running a sugar water mixture through a standard automotive electric fuel pump damage the pump?

why would you want to do that of course it will .

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