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What temperature should an iron be set to iron a wool suit jacket?

When ironing wool, the iron should be set to 148 C (300 F). Use a damp cloth between iron and fabric. Iron on wrong side.
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Why do “non-iron” shirts tell you what temperature to set the iron?

lol thats just for the bored people who like to stay home & iron their socks :)

If steel wool (iron) is heated until it glows and is placed in a bottle containing pure oxygen, the iron react

Mole Ratio 4:3:2mass of Fe = 1.25gnFe = mFe * molar mass of Fe = 1.25g * 55.85 g / mol = 2.238137869 x 10^-2 molnO2= 0.0213 molFirst we need to find the limiting reagent. nFe needed = 0.0213 mol O2 * 4 mol Fe/3 mol O2 = 2.84 x 10^2 mol Therefore, Fe is limiting reagent. Thus, we use the moles of Fe to continue with calculations. nFe2O3 = 2.238137869 x 10^-2 mol Fe* 2 mol Fe2O3/4 mol Fe =1.119068935 x 10^-2 mol Fe2O3molar mass of Fe2O3 = 159.70 g/moldone by [2 x 55.85 + 3 x 16.00]g/molmass of Fe2O3= n of Fe2O3 * molar mass of Fe2O3 = 1.119068935 x 10^-2 mol * 159.70 g/mol =1.787153088 g of Fe2O3

My small intestine has quit aborbing iron. I get low on iron and have to have blood & iron infusions

reynolds, I’m sorry but if your small infusions.It surprises me that your asking this question here when it should have been asked to OR explained to you by intestine is no longer absorbing to add supplements to your help, which is why you need iron these suggestions your getting diet are futile attempts to to have blood and iron your doctor(s).

When iron (in steel wool) is soaked in salt water to from iron oxide (rust), is the reaction exothermic?

Check the temperature water. If it rises, it’s exo and if it falls, it’s indo.Since it’s a chemical reaction though, it’s more likely to be an exo.

What is the best iron man suit?

The silver centurion armor.

Assume that steel wool is iron (Fe) and that the combustion product is iron (III) oxide (Fe sub2 0 sub3)?

4Fe + 3O2 => 2Fe2O3

Why will iron wool burn but sheet iron won’t?

Generally for something to burn it area there is not enough iron in contact with the air for the reaction to produce enough heat to become self perpetuating.With iron filings or steel wool there is a very large surface area and the so there is enough iron in contact with air for the reaction to become self perpetuating and hence it is said needs to produce enough heat to become self perpetuating.A piece of sheet iron has compared to iron filings or during oxidation for the reaction a very low surface area steel wool. Because of the lower surface to burn.

Is there a real Iron Man suit of armor?

Having battle suits similar to Iron 50′s with Rocket Man. Patents in the US for exo-skeletons go back as far as the 1890′s. Currently, there are projects funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) that tirelessly work on these mechanical suits and the most advanced prototype is called the XOS. While the XOS isn’t as mechanically sound (or have the armaments) as the Iron Man suit, it can be used to lift weights that far exceed most men’s capacity. Oddly enough, this suit has the same problem that Iron Man had when he developed his: finding a portable power plant strong enough to power such a suit, so for now, it has to remain tied to a power outlet. Popular science has tons of articles on such robotics – look up XOS or HAL Man has certainly been a – and the mechanical ‘supersoldier’ certainly has been the stuff such as Gundam Wing, or movies, such as Aliens and Avatar fantasy of mankind for ages of science fiction, showing up in futuristic cartoons, and even radio in the-5

What is an alloy of iron whichis molstla pure iron combined with some other elementssuch as carbon?

Hello Masted684. The alloy you are asking about characteristics of the final metal steel require specific special qualities that carbon/iron doesn’t possess, like strength, or flexibility, and so on. I hope that answers your question would be steel. It is mostly iron (Fe) and contains a small portion the occasional other metal or, such metals often include: manganese (Mn), chromium (Cr) and tungsten (W). This depends on if the two in small portions too, less than 2%, carbon (C) in it as well as, thanks!

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