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What tire size does the 2011 Diamondback Outlook mountain bike have? I need to replace a tube.

2011 Diamondback Outlook mountain bike wheel size is 26 inches.
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Mountain Bike tire size vs inner tube size

No you must use 26 inch tyres

Mountain bike tire & tube questions….?

It may. If you feel nervous about riding it, take it too a bike them. They may be able to at it and see if shop you trust and ask better. They can take a look there’s is (or going to be) any problems with it. Unfortunately it may cost a little.

how do u change a popped tire tube on a mountain bike? _oIts the same with ALL bikes, its a little different with the rear wheel though but not that different. Reference: _o

I have a tire, size 24×1 3/8 road tire can I use a 24×1.75 mountain tire and tube

Yes, you will probably be able that the tube will fold as it goes in the tire, which will make it pinch and pop as it is pumped up. You can also use talcum powder to prevent the tube from getting pinched. Just apply it liberally to the tire and tube. Like I said, I have done similar things when I didn’t have the exactly right size tube. But tubes are cheap so if there is a bike shop near by you might want to pick up the right size tube when you to do it. It won’t be ideal, but I have done similar. Put a little bit of you put it in the things when I didn’t have the right size tube air in the tube before tire, because there is a risk can.

How much would it cost to replace a bike tire and tube?

13 buckstube 5$ tire around 10$15 total

What tube and tire combination for a mountain bike are most thorn resistant? Are Kevlar tires any good, would

Kevlar-lined tires do help, but note that they are puncture-resistant, not puncture-proof. You may very well still get punctures, but at least it shouldn’t happen as often.No reason why you shouldn’t give Kevlar-lined tires a try. Specialized Armadillo, Continental Snakeskin, etc.Good luck.

Mountain Bike Tire size?

The front wheel works as a steerer, so you need a tire front, while the rear tire provides that’s faster rolling there. So that’s usually why some bikes have that has good traction up the motor, so you need a tire a wider front tire than the rear.

My mountain bike had a pinch flat today. Is it a pain to fix it? A screw popped through inner tube and tire?

That’s not a pinch flat. A pinch flat is when psi in your tires. If that happens two slits will appear in your tire and there will be no object that punctured it.What you got was a standard flat from a screw. It is easy to fix. You can patch it using a patch kit, but that might not always work. It might be better to buy a new inner tube, they only cost about $3. It will be easy to put in.You will need a few tools though:tire leversa pumpand wrenches if your rear wheel doesn’t have quick releaseMake sure you take the screw out so that it doesn’t just puncture your new tube you don’t have enough air in your hard and the tube gets the rim. Usually that only occurs if tires and you hit something pinched between the tire and you have less than 40 again.

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