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What type of oil do you put in a 1993 Toyota corolla?

5-30 Castrol GTX Dino or any 5w30 or 10w30 oils will be fine for a 1993 Toyota Corolla 1.8 engine.
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What type of motor oil do I put in a 1993 Toyota Corolla?

Castrol High milage 20 50wt Reference: Nissan Master Technician

1993 Toyota Corolla oil pump.?

the oil pump is located behind www. put in your car info the timing cover , i replaced one on a camary same engine here is where it is and the info to repair it is free nfo/repairguide/repairGuideContent.jsp?c hapterTitle=Engine+Mechanical&partName=E ngine+%26+Engine+Overhaul&pageId=0900c15 28006f01c&subChapterTitle=Oil+Pump&partI d=0900c1528006efd0

What does it mean if severe white smoke with oil comes out of the muffler? I have a 1993 toyota corolla GLI?

It’s normal for older cars to but you will just spend a lot of money on do that, It is possible that the but it wont affect the all. You can go to a seal got old and broke performance of your car at mechanic shop and ask around something that isn’t necessary if what I’m assuming is the case.

Type of filter and oil for 2008 Toyota Corolla oil change?

5w30 is the prefered weight of for aftermarket filters.Now, having said that, many dealerships will offer oil changes, and often for a better oil, You can use conventional or oil. Just try to stick with started. Filters, you can get OEM from synthetic oil or even blended one brand once you get the dealership, or I personally recommend FRAM price than the local ‘quick lube’ place down the street. Good luck.

what type of oil . what brand of car oil that i should buy for a toyota corolla 1997 ? do I always change it?

I always bought what ever was my 99 Camry. I changed it about every it with 170k on it on sale and 5w30 for 5k. I just got rid of and it still ran like a champ!

how to change oil in 1998 toyota corolla

Tke the drain plug out, drain the oil, change the filter, put the plug back in, fill with oil.

is it possible to put rear speakers into a 91 toyota corolla seca liftback?

Anything is possible given enough imagination, time, and ca$h.:o)

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