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What was the last year the ford bronco was made

The last year when Ford Bronco manufactured was in 1996. Allegedly, 2012 Ford Bronco will be coming in the market soon.
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can body parts from a 1986 ford bronco fit onto a 1990 ford bronco eddie bauer edition?

Not very likely.

How much would it cost to get a new key made for a ’93 Ford Bronco?

15 yrs old.. good luck finding the key drill out the door lock on record at a dealer best thing to do is cylinders replace about 15$ for new parts @ auto zone. and new ignition.. another 15$ to replace that.. better call someone more experience

whats the difference between a ford bronco and a ford bronco xlt?

xlt is excellent more options

1989 ford 302 EFI to 1977 Ford bronco. What do I have to do to adapt the wiring harnesses together

You will have to build a custom harness.

On a 90&92 ford bronco

By 1992 the AOD was NLA in the Bronco. The ONLY automatic available was the fully electronic E4OD. Both were available in 1990.

what size speakers are in a ford bronco 2 year 1986?

8 x 5 1/2 beside each rear set mine as 5×7 in rear door but notoriginal in rear door Reference: got 85 89 90 bronco 2′s

what year did ford start puting airbags in the bronco?

1985 the first air bag was a trash bag and an air pump that popped out of the steering wheel at the time of impact.

will a 1982 5.0 ford bronco tranny and transfer case bolt up to a 1987 5.0 bronco?

it should. i think they were the same.

71 ford bronco specifications


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